Weigh a pound | Munich Shanghai electron is exhibited release 2019 6 big keywords

Chun Nuanhua will open day in March, a year of “ when two meetings ”(electronica China&productronica China) comes. When the electron makes grand meeting big screen will be pulled open, heavy pound of E heavenly body is released the following 6 big keywords.

Keyword 1 future car

Although 2018 to automobile industry not be so good, but the demand that waits for a respect to car security, comfortable sex, intelligence sex as people promotes increasingly, the electron is changed, the future that informatization, network and intelligence are changed is car technology as before develops way. The rapid development of the technology such as 5G, AI and application, the development that also is car electron technology brought space of a lot of imaginations.

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Keyword 2 wisdom factory

Intelligence makes be come round of global industry industry come close one of points, below the rapid development that waits for a technology in net of couplet of 5G, AI, content, intelligence makes the first sunlight that received a winter. Forecast according to the research organization, dimensions of market of Chinese intelligence production industry will be broken through 2019 19, 0 yuan. Digital Twin, + the technical window of the wisdom factory such as AI also can be in the Munich Shanghai March the electron is exhibited go up to be reflected somewhat.

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Keyword 3 +AI

Transfer quickly to artificial intelligence as mobile Internet times, newest report of CB Insights of famous research organization points out, AI development is entering “ to carry ” times, include the mobile phone, car, terminal that can apparel inside to greet AI will increasingly to add hold. And the brim of artificial intelligence turns application far still more than hereat, drive intelligent household, automatically in waiting for a lot of and popular domain, have its figure, the Munich Shanghai electron March is exhibited believe you can discover somewhat.

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Keyword 4 IoT+

Content couplet net puts forward to develop from 20 old ideas up to now, get dimensions assay card gradually in a series of domains. The fractionize market that IoT+ industry uses begins occurrence become divided, net of couplet of other people of wisdom city, industry, car couplet net, intelligence lives in predominate fractionize market. The content couplet net such as calculation of catenary of chip, intelligence identifying, sensor, area piece, margin is relevant the iteration gradual progress of new technology, accelerate net of drive content couplet to apply a product to develop to intelligence, convenient, low power comsumption and miniaturization direction.

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The keyword sends base 5 times

Shanghai government put forward “ to make the whole world taste the strategy of a ” that send the ground newly 2018, regard Shanghai informatization as the main component of exposition, munich Shanghai electron exhibits a hair base that also will devote oneself to to make electronic technology and innovation product.

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Keyword 6 China force

No matter be American CES or German Munich Electronica are exhibited,go up, chinese enterprise and audience already became one of main force that meet to exhibit from dimensions, chinese force also makes electronic trade cannot the main impetus of small gaze. Regard Chinese electron as the enterprise advocate, munich Shanghai electron exhibits ” of force of China of “ of same meeting focusing, actual strength of promotion of company of help China electron, enlarge force.

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