Violet smooth Zhan Ruicheng is Gu Ge lab of tripartite attestation, begin attestation of GMS Express Plus hand in hand

Regard catenary of industry of violet smooth integrated circuit as medium core business, violet light exhibits acute to announce its are become by accredit now lab of tripartite attestation, will hand in hand Gu Ge begins attestation of equipment of GMS Express Plus, manufacturer of terminal of the shift that help strength shortens the product appears on the market time. This is afterwards after violet in December 2017 light exhibits acute to join Gu Ge GMS Express to plan, with the another significant progress that Gu Ge cooperates.


Violet light

Violet light exhibits acute to devote oneself to to offer high-powered mobile chip platform and unifinication test solution for the client, can undertake to the problem more efficient more convenient response and processing, include to check beforehand, beforehand attestation and completely compatible An Zhuo software, cereal song shift serves (Google Mobile Service, GMS) and all sorts of tests cover Gu Ge (CTS, GTS, VTS, CTS/GSI, BTS, STS, ITS, etc) , this will be great shorten the flow that OEM/ODM client and Gu Ge have compatibility test and verify and when long, accelerate a product to appear on the market process, promote the market competition ability. In addition, the client also will receive safety to update correction documentation regularly, reduce the risk that equipment is inbreaked.

Violet light exhibits acute to design its the advantage of the domain and plan of Gu Ge GMS Express to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl in chip, with high grade product and service, apace of client of the whole world that help strength realizes intelligent terminal product to appear on the market, for An Zhuo the user is offerred safer, more intelligent experience.




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