Those who eliminate portable equipment charge vexed

Speak of portable equipment, power source adapter is a trouble all the time. Their size, can output inadequacy is in effect level and power to go up somehow those who weakened the equipment external form that they support reduce continuously, affected thereby can carry a gender.

Now, USB power supply (PD) offers the electric power that amounts to 100 W and data to transmit ability through onefold cable. This one advantage is being become on behalf of USB PD medium or small of equipment first selection charge means. However, a challenge of executive USB PD, it is with higher power the level offers different output voltage, in order to satisfy people of urgent need charge quickly, also won’t use finally at the same time can low, cost mixes effect high cumbersome adapter.

Use semiconductor of broad forbidden band, if nitrogen changes gallium (GaN) power parts of an apparatus, it is to raise adapter can a kind of of effect and contractible adapter size potential method, but a this is this domain burgeoning technology, and current and opposite costly. As another kind of choice, attack in develop the progress of the respect, like active clamp stimulate instead, the super knot MOSFET of use standard, support designs personnel to be able to be based on the technology that already confirmed, still advance adapter design at the same time.

We live in the world of a more and more frequent shift, we carry a variety of equipment such as computer of smartphone, notebook and flat computer, and more and more can apparel equipment, use Yu Jiankang is monitored and other applying. Manufacturer invested capital of many research and development, in order to satisfy the requirement of consumer, the function that includes to increase and narrow measure / addition portable sex.

When we travel, we begin to realize, although manufacturer obtained tremendous progress in the miniaturization respect of equipment itself, but needs power source adapter / charger is a little backward however, compare ponderosity than the likelihood with equipment photograph. When this are travelling particularly apparent, often need many charger to satisfy the voltage of different equipment and connector requirement.

Apparent, need the standardization of some kind of form, have intercommunity with making charge, reduce the charger amount that must carry thereby, and the electronic trash that reduces a large number of charger place that discard every year to cause.

USB 1.1 rated power is 2.5 W(5V, 500 MA) , USB 3.0 raises his 4.5 W(5V, 900 MA) , but capacity of this kind of power applies to small-sized equipment only, be like a smartphone. USB PD standard was released by USB Promoters Group 2012, support amounts to the power transmission of 100 W, support thereby mix like notebook computer for larger facility monitor power supply and charge quickly for mobile equipment. The ability that alters output voltage also increased its versatility. Have a lot of inside the accurate function of park standard, include two-way power supply (the) of equipment power supply that support is cable random one aspect of the matter, transmit the fast part of data and electric power to exchange on same cable at the same time with support.

When USB PD is released first, it is based on 6 power source to configure a file, these configuration files defined the voltage that can transmit and electric current. However, USB PD 2.0 deleted configuration file, support use a kind of more agile method, make power source OK support arrives from 0.5 W any requirements of 100 W.

Although USB PD is offerred the charger number that flexibility may reduce place to need, but the size that can not reduce individual charger certainly, this brought a challenge to design personnel. Power source adapter not only must as compatible as USB PD, still must increase power density with reasonable cost.

The way that achieves this one goal should have matured, power source engineer realizes instinctively, improving efficiency is the key that realizes higher power density. More efficient design produces less more than heat, the specification can pass smaller watch area to realize necessary dissipation. To extract high-energy effect, engineers seek the parts of an apparatus that efficient develop attacks and improves, especially crucial switch parts of an apparatus. If these switch parts of an apparatus have inferior dynamic loss, can increase switch frequency, reduce the size that waits for cumbersome parts of an apparatus like magnetic parts of an apparatus thereby.

A domain that pays close attention to mainly at present is parts of an apparatus of broad forbidden band, if nitrogen changes gallium (GaN)FET, in small loss, high temperature the job and respect of sudden switch frequency offer a lot of advantages. But these equipment are mixed newlier still relatively costly. In addition, they still confirm without be being used for a long time, accordingly, if want to achieve the result that comparative, the silicon that engineers are willing to depend on course experiment and test more base technology.

A kind of burgeoning settlement is contemporary the develop of demand of power source adapter attacks the structure is active clamp stimulate instead (ACF) . This uses alterable frequency, make 0 voltage switch (the super knot of ZVS) (SJ)FET spans many load and linear condition. This uses Ansenmei the wide modulation of arteries and veins of NCP1568 AC-DC ACF with new semiconductor (PWM) integrated circuit (IC) comes true. this one new parts of an apparatus or appliance and new NCP51530 half bridge driver combines high-powered 2A, 700 V, provide a platform for the engineer, for the power source adapter henceforth the design lays a foundation.

Eliminate portable equipment charge vexed

Graph 1: NCP1568 ACF controller

NCP1568 serves as controller, provide power source system of intelligence, the power source that can achieve freeboard density and high-energy effect is designed. Like ACF, controller is in blame is successive guide a mode (the job below DCM) , rise to carry a condition gently to fall can effect, bide his time at the same time power comsumption only 30 MW, make design personnel to be able to be achieved accord with contemporary can the requirement of effect standard, include European Union CoC Tier 2. This design is aimed at executive USB PD and optimize, need at the same time as far as possible least exterior circuit.

Working frequency arrives from 100 kilohertz 1 megahertz, make design personnel to be able to narrow dimension of magnetic parts of an apparatus, double power density is a tradition. This plan uses SJ FET, peak value can effect is amounted to 93.5% , working frequency amounts to 400 KHz. NCP1568 still can be used together with EGaN FET, in order to increase switch frequency, increase power density further thereby.

NCP1568 offers intelligence and control, NCP51530 is driver of compositive tall, low margin, the concentrated power switch that offers MOSFET of power of two N raceway groove in the voltage that amounts to 700 V, implement high-powered power source plan in compact space thereby. NCP51530 is applied to have shorter transmission defer and rise quickly and the high frequency job of decay time. Transmission defer (of 5ns) match strictly conduce to those who raise all application can effect.

Eliminate portable equipment charge vexed

Graph 2: Density of 60 W freeboard demonstrates board

Brief summary

USB PD standard settled a lot of challenges greatly, these challenges brought about the adapter that makes a lot of used portable device need a large number of differring today. This is compact will make design personnel to change direction dedicated mix at making these adapter smaller more efficient, the size that prevents them is quits in make portable equipment more portable of the respect tremendous improve.

Although want to turn to technology of broad forbidden band to be like GaN, challenge in order to answer power density, but a lot of people think, in the domain with crucial dependability, this has a risk, main reason is GaN opposite still newer, and have not get confirming.

An Sen beautiful semiconductor matchs NCP1568 and NCP51530, attack through combining the develop of a high-energy effect (ACF) and the high frequency job that reduce size of parts of an apparatus, satisfy the requirement of current market. Although these advantages are the silicon that already confirmed through be being mixed reliably base super knot FET comes true, but should mature only, this plan is compatible also GaN parts of an apparatus.

High-powered make with the union of the technology of experience card a lot of design personnel can eliminate portable equipment charge vexed.

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