The sea is thought of present as leading role! Chinese IC designed industry income 2018 year add 23%

According to TrendForce newest research report shows, 2018, chinese IC designed the income of course of study to had achieved 251.5 billion yuan, year increase rate is 23% . Among them, the sea is thought of, violet light exhibits power of a person of extraordinary powers before the row 3.

Look into 2019, trendForce thinks, chinese general the autarky of proceed chip, advance domestic IC to design the growth of course of study further, predict the income 2019 will be 292.5 billion yuan.

But notable is, increase rate will put delay to 17.9% 2019, basically be to be consumed electronic product requirement abate, global economy puts a series of adverse element influences such as delay.

In addition, data shows, firm of Chinese IC design is medium 2018, 3 income exceeded 1 billion dollar, year of 4 increase rate exceeded 20% , but two companies appeared of two digit glide.

Specific in light of, the growth that Haisaiyin is sales volume of machine of Hua Weizhi hotshot and kylin chip are occupied mediumly in the smartphone rise than climbing, year income increase rate is adjacent 30% .

Division division is small as a result of the market of the driving demand to CIS and chip price rise, income also achieved the growth of 39% . Profit from of million easy innovation 2018 first half of the year of Nor Flash price rise and the growth of MCU business, year increase rate is 13% . The rapid growth of violet Guang Guoxin as a result of business of intelligent safety chip, year growth is 28% .

And resurgence and collect a top to be in what two digit encountered in going one year to glide.

Among them, the resurgence negative effect because of the ban, the income 2018 fell than 2017 20% . Collect a top to suffer the effect that volume of dactylogram chip shipment drops and chip price drops, income fell 13% .

TrendForce points out, chinese IC designed course of study to obtained good progress 2018, also be in lead position in chip of 5G base band and AI chip domain.

For instance, the sea considers chip of the first 7nm, and Baidu, china to wait the company also applies for terminal in succession and cloud service rolled out new AI chip.

The sea is thought of

But, at present the self-sufficient rate of Chinese IC chip is only 15% . On the other hand, before this, since China is in those who reduce pair of introductory class chip and low chip all the time, but in high-end chip respect, still have bigger improvement space.

Look into 2019, trendForce expresses, AI, 5G, the brim is calculated and biology identifying combustible the popular topic that is high-tech industry, these application will bring the change of trade situation.

China is in lead position in the crucial technology respect of afore-mentioned domains, this is sure to drive Chinese IC to design the development of course of study.

Among them, to 5G, trendForce thinks, spread out as what 5G commercializes a process and of new application setting appear, will climb to the demand of semiconductor litre. Predict to was controlled 2021, the demand of 5G will increase.

In addition, in car electron market, although the sales volume of global whole car is in,drop, but the demand that the promotion of the popularity rate of car electrification and car of intelligent couplet net also can prompt semiconductor.




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