The attestation of mobile equipment of 5G NR NSA that is heart science and technology takes the lead in winning GCF approval

The radio frequency of the equipment that it is 5G and consultative consistency test and verify offer test of new eat dishes without rice or wine of extensive GCF and PTCRB 5G to use exemple

On January 31, 2019, beijing — it is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces now, the 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine of this company (NR) blame is independent (NSA) measured try out exemple to obtain global attestation forum (the approval of GCF) , this will help whole and mobile ecosystem increase speed travel agreement and radio frequency (attestation of RF) parts of an apparatus. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safety, interconnection.

On January 16, 2019, what can support agreement and RF/RRM at the same time is tool of consistency of 5G of heart science and technology covers a consistency in GCF and each other operation formal approval was won on meeting of sexual agreement group. As the one part that is emulation solution of network of 5G of heart science and technology, this tool is covered had obtained batch undertake GCF and PTCRB equipment attestation, can support the most extensive GCF RF inside course of study and test of consultative 5G NR NSA to use exemple and frequency paragraph combination. To chip set and manufacturer of parts of an apparatus and test lab, agreement and test of radio frequency consistency are the important segment that undertakes function test and verify to new 5G design.

It is vice-president of heart science and technology holds Kailash Narayanan of general manager of department of wireless test career concurrently to express: “ is heart science and technology still will continue to want clasp of interest related side with travel owner, and devote oneself to the 3GPP standard that dominant development is aimed at test and verify of 5G NR equipment. The trade that these act settled us successfully to check aspect of test and verify in GCF and PTCRB is banner position. According to the definition of 3GPP, it is the 5G that heart science and technology faces whole radio frequency and consultative consistency test the solution can make whole and mobile ecosystem with confidence as 5G NR standard great gradual progress, and these solutions already were mixed by GCF PTCRB attestation plans what to adopt. ”

Be in last month, it is heart science and technology just announces tool of its 5G consistency is covered take the lead in winning 3GPP RAN5 and approval of test and verify of equipment of PTCRB 5G NR at the same time. The 5G network that is heart science and technology emulated a solution to make full use of platform of wireless test of Keysight UXM 5G, finish the inchoate design from parts of an apparatus smoothly to arrive with this check and accept, arrive again production whole development circuit. This are compact model solution not only flow of attestation of supportive parts of an apparatus, still will promote mobile equipment attestation and management of wireless to radio frequency, RRM(resource) the attestation that chime discusses. This tool is covered still can let an user be in FR1(sub-6GHz frequency) with frequency of FR2(millimeter wave) new design of the attestation inside limits.

It is 5G of heart science and technology

It is heart science and technology the 5G that offers innovation carries upright design and test solution, supportive shift industry arrives from physical layer applied layer, from emulate, design, test and verify arrives make, deploy and optimize all-around improve working flow, accelerate the design development of 5G product. It is heart science and technology provides the current software that accords with newest 3GPP standard and hardware platform, make whole ecosystem can is opposite well and truly 5G chip set, equipment, base station and network undertake test and verify, can undertake emulation to user behavior setting.

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