Shanghai is mobile hand in hand Hua Weiqi moves first 5G construction of indoor number system

Shanghai shift starts construction 5G network formally in rainbow bridge railway station, this will be first railway station that uses construction of system of 5G indoor number, the plan is in 5G network deepness was finished to enclothe inside year 2019.

Rainbow bridge railway station


Shanghai economy and informatization committee Zhang Jianming express, use the forerunner of construction as Shanghai 5G business, rainbow bridge railway station the application of system of 5G indoor number, will bring more to give a new experience, will let the passenger feels in the acquisition of new era and feel happily more contented. It will be become through 5G deepness application promotes an user experience and benefit and popular model, be sure to quicken the wisdom transition of each industry and digital economy.

As we have learned, rainbow bridge railway station is the hub of principal liaison man of front row of rank of Asian guest discharge, also be a piece of of Chinese railroad traffic important calling card, send a passenger every year to exceed person-time of 6 ten million, passenger of the odd-numbered days between fastigium sends a quantity to exceed 330 thousand person-time. This, shanghai is mobile hand in hand China the solution ——5G DIS that gave indoor 5G to take, this product in Shanghai research and development is current industry exclusive but commercial 5G indoor product, and had had batch to deliver goods ability.

Starting ceremonially, shanghai is mobile hand in hand China the rate of network peak value that makes can issue 1.2Gbps to showed 5G DIS skill to the public. This is meant, the passenger is after the network that logs onto this system support, the high-definition film that downloads a size to be 2GB needs the most quickly to be less than 20 seconds only, implementation waits and do not have by car recreation experience seam join.

China for wireless network Zhou Yuefeng of presiding sale official says, after 5G came, to the cloud business will have great help, did not come to a railway station probably the imagination that intelligence changes a level to will exceed people.


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