Semiconductor obtains Aimaisi the 3rd times millet supplier ” optimal innovation award “

The solution that semiconductor height innovates aids Aimaisi the make a great coup of innovatory product business that promotes millet

Chinese Shanghai, on Feburary 19, 2019, the supplier of high-powered sensor solution with banner whole world Aimaisi semiconductor (Ams AG, code of stock of Swiss stock exchange: AMS) announces now, this company has the honor to win ” of award of optimal innovation of millet supplier “ the 3rd times. This one award dash forward the spirit that showed a company to lead an industry innovation as always.

Semiconductor obtains Aimaisi the 3rd times millet supplier " optimal innovation award "

Millet is in its awarded this prize on congress of global core supplier 2018, this is to its the supplier is managing innovation, technology innovation and applied innovation each respect is outstanding of expression approbate with encourage.

Aimaisi semiconductor from 2014 since one of core component suppliers that are millet all the time, its advanced optical sensor solution counts paragraph admiral mobile phone to led innovation tide successfully to offer science and technology to ensure for millet. Regard the world as one of banner smartphone brands, millet brings innovation for the client all the time. Millet arrow annals pursues the screen management of top level and industrial design plan, and go in industry front row all the time.

Semiconductor passes Aimaisi to innovate ceaselessly, develop advanced optical sensor, with smaller enclose dimension, implementation is more high-powered, the optical pile that satisfies all sorts of providing to challenge a gender applies setting, satisfied the industrial design requirement of millet severe exacting thereby.

The optical component of semiconductor is in Aimaisi millet new fund produced main effect in the smartphone. The person face that millet 8 Pro uses identified a system to use Aimaisi semiconductor is infra-red (perpendicular antrum face launchs IR) laser (VCSEL) array. PMSIL is complete VCSEL floodlighting implement system, it is compositive each other of person eye safety locks up a function, provide outstanding optical efficiency, and launch the power consumption of mobile phone batteries when extremely low.

The module of ambient light sensor of semiconductor also uses Aimaisi on 8 Pro of admiral type millet and millet 8 Lite, millet was deployed 8 times infra-red and adjacent module, provided optimized screen management function. The functional —— slip lid that the MIX3 of millet of high-end admiral type with newest millet realized to have appeal quite is comprehensive screen, have have the aid of only on the eye preexistence group that semiconductor provides Aimaisi the thinnest, most circlet condition smooth sensor, this one function just is able to come out. In addition, the product of semiconductor combines Aimaisi to still include a variety of products, apply to all sorts of tall screen extensively to occupy compared smartphone screen to run application, include OLED to display screen (TCS3701) postposition sensor, and can install at area of the smallest frame (the sensor inside TMD3702) .

Semiconductor still offers Aimaisi to be passed integratedly feeling solution, the photograph that implementation smartphone takes a picture and video enhance a function. The TCS3707 color sensor that the company releases recently can offer image and video to enhance a function, if frequency is as high as the light of 500Hz,twinkle detect and automatic Bai Pingheng (AWB) assists a function.

Time of TMF8701 1D flight (ToF) sensor is current the least compositive type space on the world is measured and be close to pass feeling module, can restrain dactylogram pollution and optical reflex well. Emitter of eye safety VCSEL has 1 class person to fight ambient light outstandingly to disturb ability, below all illume condition, fall in bright sun’s rays even (100klux) , also can undertake accurate distance is measured.

Road of Chen Ping of vice president of division of semiconductor big China expresses Aimaisi: “ wins millet innovation award the 3rd times, we feel honor. This is clear that the ground makes clear, aimaisi semiconductor is capable to pass the solution that offers the whole world to precede, the poor dissimilation that helps our client realize a product competes. Semiconductor will capture Aimaisi the good luck that digitlizes transition, deepness collaboration spreads out in more domain with the client, offer for the client more the high quality, product that has poor dissimilation, higher value more and innovation solution, with win-win future! ”

What people lives to intelligence is yearning make sensor application wide with each passing day. Aimaisi semiconductor is dedicated from beginning to end at be telegraphic, consumption electron and computation, car, industry and medical treatment branch offer a series of revolutionary intelligence sensor that have appeal extremely solution. These include optics, into resemble and frequency technology inside the rate that the solution accelerated a society to change development to intelligence.

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