SamSung releases mobile phone of 5G of global head money: What window to have?

SamSung released mobile phone of Galaxy S10 series this morning, include 5 different type, among them Galaxy S10 5G is the whole world the first business uses 5G mobile phone.

Galaxy S10 5G

It used a tall Tong Xiaolong 855 processor, x50 of dragon of base band brave is hanged to support 5G network outside, support 6GHz millimeter wave frequency of 39GHz of the following, 28 / paragraph, but be restricted only NSA is not type of independent group wire mould, pass at the same time inside 4G of / of 3G of / of 2G of support of X24 of dragon of brave of buy base band, highest LTE Cat. 20, be issued to lower levels 2. 0Gbps, go up 150Mbps, 7 carrier wave are aggregate.

Connect the base band of brave dragon X55 that still has rolled out the 2nd generation high, unite 5G of / of 4G of / of 3G of supportive 2G / , support the whole world the frequency of almost all 5G of all areas paragraph, mode of TDD of / of FDD of complete support, NSA of SA independent / is not type of independent group wire mould, but relevant equipment wants the end of the year ability hold a conference or consultation is used.

What want an attention nevertheless is, this machine is odd SIM card, natural cannot double card receives network of 4G, 5G respectively.

Side of business of 5G collaboration operation, samSung is main enumerate of European respect, include / of Sunrise of Orange of EE of German Deutsche Telekom, England, France, Switzerland / of TIM of Swisscom, Italy Telefonica of Vodafone, Spain, and be in the United States by Verizon exclusive in a limited time, other area is unspecified.

Galaxy S10 5G is overall ply only 7. 94 millimeter, weight 198 grams, supportive IP68 is waterproof and dustproof, deployed SamSung on mobile phone history the biggest screen, achieve 6. 7 inches, curved surface design, without bang, exceed narrow chin and frame, screen is occupied than amounting to 89. 26 % .

Use Dynamic AMOLED face plate first, resolution 3040×1440, support HDR10 + , peak value brightness amounts to 1200it, ultrasonic screen dactylogram identifies, enclothe Kangningdi glass of 6 acting gorilla.

It has amount 6 are photographed like the head, among them postposition 4 photograph, it is respectively: It is 12 million wide-angle lens resembling element (advocate photograph) , 1 / 2. 55 inches of sensor, 1. 4 micron resemble element, resemble element completely double check anxious, aperture F1. 5 – 2. 4, optics is prevented tremble, PDAF is phasic right anxious; 2 it is 12 million telephoto lens resembling element, 1 / 3. 6 inches of sensor, 1 micron resembles element, aperture F2. 4, optics is prevented tremble, PDAF is phasic right anxious, 2 times optical scorch; 3 it is 16 million exceed wide-angle lens like element, aperture F2. 2; 4 it is depth of field is photographed resemble a head, HQVGA, 3D sensor.

Buy is double before photograph, one is 10 million resemble element, aperture F1. 9, another is 8 million resemble element, aperture F2. 2, resemble element double nucleus completely, PDAF is phasic right anxious.

Other configuration still has: Memory 8GB, memory 256GB (cannot expand) , batteries 4500mAh (QC2. 0 / AFC is filled quickly and Qi is wireless charge / is retrorse and wireless charge) , NFC, 802. 11ac / Ax Wi – Fi (download uploads 1. 2Gbps) , blue tooth 5. 0, USB 3. 1 Type – C interface, an Zhuo 9. 0 OneUI operating system.

Of short duration of price of Galaxy S10 5G was not announced.



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