Saipulasi is announced the fourth quarter and 2018 annual money signed up for 2018

Chinese Beijing, what –- whole world preceded on Feburary 12, 2019 is embedded solution supplier surpasses Pulasi semiconductor company (Cypress Semiconductor Corp. ) (Na Sida overcomes stock code: CY) is released before New Year the fourth quarter and 2018 annual money signed up for 2018, window is as follows:

•This money year battalion closes achieve the history new tall, amount to 2.48 billion dollar, grow 6.7% compared to the same period

•This money year car business income grows 13% compared to the same period

•the four seasons spends total battalion to receive 604.5 million dollar, standard of general accounting of GAAP(United States) wool interest rate is 37.3% , interest rate of blame GAAP wool is 47.8%

•Every accrual after fry batter in a thin layer of GAAP of the fourth quarter is thin is 0.72 dollars, every accrual after blame GAAP fry batter in a thin layer is thin is 0.35 dollars

•This money year business cash flows for 471.7 million dollar, grow 16.9% compared to the same period

Saipulasi’s president holds presiding apparitor Hassane El-Khoury concurrently to express, “2018 year, in the group strong, orderly effort falls, annual battalion receives Saipulasi achieve the history new tall, cashed we put forward on analyst plenary meeting 2017 promotion of wool interest rate is affirmatory 2018. Among them, the growth of every accrual exceeds company battalion to restrain growth considerably, this shows the commercial pattern effect of the company is distinct. Still put below the circumstance of certain level uncertainty in current market demand, we will continue dedicated the scope of business that can dominate, the key domain that driving the instantly such as car, industry and content couplet net is careful investment.

2018 the four seasons is spent and annual income and income data express place to show as follows, add can compare data:

(Unit: 1, 000 dollars, except of every income data)

Saipulasi is announced the fourth quarter and 2018 annual money signed up for 2018

1.2018 years, partial charge already adjusted the one part to income cost. Historical outstanding achievement and outstanding achievement showed conform to 2018.

2. consults finance affairs of later development “GAAP measures index and blame GAAP finance affairs to measure index to adjust watch ”(“ to be not GAAP to adjust a watch please ”) .

Business reviewing

the four seasons was spent 2018, saipulasi abounded product of the join related net of couplet of consumptive level other people and car application, computation to combine further, farther aggrandizement relevant software product. Business window includes:

+ the PSoC that Saipulasi exceeds low power comsumption, safety®6 series are rolled out brand-new MCU product, the demand of calculation of margin of content couplet net that increases in order to answer increasingly. Brand-new PSoC 6 MCU embarked more of high capacity embedded memory, in order to support computation concentrated model stack of algorithmic, join and data logging.

+ Saipulasi rolls out 3 to be tasted newly, expand further the is used at the car to hold information entertainment system wireless join product with lead industry, include: First Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and blue tooth ®Combo(are combined) solution. Wi-Fi 6 realized handling capacity of thousand class data, promotion transmits the dependability of content at the same time to many equipment. Solution of Wi-Fi 6 combination allows many user by to surpass Pulasi synchronous double frequency band (RSDB) framework joins at the same time move 10 times at most equipment is not had seam transmit different content. Saipulasi still rolls out two Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and combination of blue tooth Combo() solution, car manufacturer and car carry systematic supplier to be able to expand through this platform solution, but the software framework with unified by, answer the diverse demand of different car, implementation development and system are compositive cost is the smallest change.

+ the Cirrent software that Saipulasi faces product of consumptive level Wi-Fi® through rolling out and cloud service platform, strengthened combination of product of content couplet network further, make product of content couplet network can undertake easily join and maintenance link with the domestic network of consumer, promote outstanding user the experience thereby, serve cost through reducing, decrease return money, will raise the investment return rate of product OEM manufacturer. The ZipKey of Cirrent®Wi-Fi receives configuration and solution of intelligence of network of content couplet network, can let an user need not input a password to be able to finish a product to install, although network name and password produce change, also can ensure the product maintains couplet network.

+ the controller of car class USB-C that Saipulasi rolls out agreement of supportive USB PD, what can realize a car to carry portable electron product is fast charge. Car class EZ-PD™Supportive tradition reachs CCG3PA controller to charge newly standard, provided the use experience of Plug and Play for the user. As the ceaseless development of occupation standard, ensure the compatibility of the product and sex of each other operation already made the challenge that the enterprise faces continuously, this firmware that can make up Cheng controller upgrades ability makes these problem be readily solved. In addition, equipment of this control appliance is high compositive degree, can leave out many discrete element, reduce stock cost with utmost ground, simplify systematic design.

+ Saipulasi rolls out Excelon™LP iron report random access memory (F-RAM™) . It is the blame with highest effect of internal energy of course of study breaks sexual RAM easily, have approximately infinite instantaneous to write life, the portable medical treatment that is newest generation, can apparel the good alternative that equipment etc needs to be not the content couplet network that loses sexual memory easily to apply. It can fall in the case that drops specific power consumption as far as possible, record addition user and sensor data continuously. Excelon LP F-RAM can extend time of batteries add boat in utmost while, for this kind application records the data of crucial task.

+ Saipulasi to end the dividend that the partner of hold company common stock paid 39.7 million dollar on December 27, 2018, amount to every 0.11 dollars, be worth computation by the city December 28, 2018, this dividend is corresponding of 3.5% year change yield. On January 17, 2019, saipulasi paid dividend.

Saipulasi is announced the fourth quarter and 2018 annual money signed up for 2018

1. small controller and join branch (MCD) includes small controller, car and join product, memory product branch (the product that MPD) includes RAM, Flash and subsidiary AgigA Tech.

2019 outstanding achievement is looked into first quarter

Saipulasi is right 2019 first quarter outstanding achievement beforehand estimate is as follows:

Saipulasi is announced the fourth quarter and 2018 annual money signed up for 2018

1.GAAP is looked into do not include to merge into our NAND business with Hailishi (SK Hynix System Ic Inc. ) the effect that established joint ventures institute produces, this are joint-stock of the company establish predict will 2019 the 2nd quarter is finished.

About sex of the look up before GAAP beforehand appraise adjusts sex of the look up before be blame GAAP beforehand the circumstance of appraise explains, refer to this money to sign up for last form.

Reduce a cost to including to recombine charge, asset, give the certain and major project such as the effect that delays award of compensation capital fund and indebted value change, equity to change the influence that guides to the stock compensation is caused and blame GAAP adjust pair of revenue, its estimation must consider GAAP finance affairs to measure index, time and amount cannot beforehand appraise or the control range that exceed our company, the possibility produces major effect to the financial outstanding achievement of the company.

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