Ring of center of research and development of 3nm of stage accumulating report is judged receive block, will fill a rehear

Environmental protection arrange holds Xin Zhuke to learn treasure mountain of industrial garden area to plan an environment to affect first trial of manual case group with ground extend today, this is stage accumulating report is advanced make Cheng 3 accept rice builds factory and center of research and development to use the land, annulus judges a group to ask to the data rehear such as fault influence will complement before the bottom in May.



The stage accumulates report for sprint advanced make Cheng 3 accept rice builds factory and demand of center of research and development, to Zhu Ke management board raises land requirement. Management board of district of garden of industry of science of new bamboo of ministry of development unit science and technology expresses today, this development case is in new bamboo city east area and boundary of countryside of treasure mountain of new bamboo county, include east side garden area 29.5 hectare, on the west side community 3.22 hectare, aggregate 32.72 hectare. , make an appointment with what enlarge adds this to use the land, basically offer a stage to accumulate report as center of research and development, to the research and development of mill of 3 accept rice the quantity is produced will have decisive effect.


The stage accumulates ammeter to show, center of research and development of hope bamboo division can finish annulus to judge this year, begin construction next year,


Bamboo family management board expresses, zhu Ke is given priority to with test of advanced semiconductor research and development, already had technology of basis of complete semiconductor industry and industrial catenary, the stage accumulates report to plan to undertake in bamboo division plant the quantity is produced making Cheng research and development and in advance, the division in follow-up reintroduce, south family factory building undertakes measuring yield position.


Bamboo family management board points out, area of new bamboo garden from 2010 second half of the year rises, land is rental rate is already saturated, already did not have now accord with a condition to be able to build factory building for the manufacturer with the ground, because this raises extend requirement. Using electric field, this plan needs n to make an appointment with 340 thousand KW ( ) , already obtained stage phone company to agree with power supply, ask to garrison the manufacturer is obtained every year with n the sources of energy of 20% second birth, and by water of regular red-letter day energy-saving coach the plan tracks second birth the sources of energy to use case.


As to the part that use water, this plan water consumption 25 thousand CMD (stere / day) , already obtained stage water company to agree to supply, prospective general and area of new bamboo garden with gross 205 thousand CMD attempers as a whole, also ask to garrison Cheng is made reclaim after manufacturer battalion carries rate need to amount to 85% , entire plant reclaims rate amount to 75% .


Quiz about case group, past bamboo division the 4th period land is collected ever faced stand in the way of local politics business, just what expand scientific garden division to the south offer. Bamboo family management board replies, centre of gravity of research and development is in all the time Zhu Ke, ceng Xiangna moves, but the talent already was in upper stay is rooted, so give u.


Local dweller Miss Qiu attends the meeting point out, its are familial going up usefully now farm of about 1 hectare, raise a pig, enter prefectural government office for the first time fair listen to meeting query to did not gain instant response, attend the 2nd times fair listen when the meeting, development case already sent Xin Zhu the county appoint joint hearing is discussed, taiwan is admirable farm is already very few, the hope wins respect.


Miss Qiu says, familial somebody is raising a pig, future becomes proximate the residential community that this case plans, meeting by detestable, be afraid live hard; Still have at present soil is used natural emerge spring, because development is cut off,afraid future is met, generation uses water issue; And air, water already was had to pollute by doubt at present, future can deny contaminative more; The proposal thinks to still have with periphery other the ground that wishs to be collected.


Bamboo family management board expresses, safety has affirmed, without the problem, also young lady following Qiu’s familial person has talked, if collect piggery, the building can discuss to be collected along with all the others, can think be transferred to civilian work, be willing to coach garden area obtain employment, the problem that use water can ensure expedite, there is peculiar smell problem to be able to strengthen control continuously in air.


Juror asks, traffic assesses the situation that should bring into community dweller to garrison again, and the change of grading, fault influence analysis also wants more complete, hope the government wants to green ribbon delimits set, withhold greenbelt for Xin Zhu, meet what worry like the dweller otherwise, do not know to return meeting reopen hair, commandeer how many greenbelt.


The stage accumulates report to also say, think the talent is bad to move, quantity of ability unified exam builds a plant in treasure mountain countryside, and empty corrupt, water corrupt already had quite processing experience, won’t bring a trouble for bamboo family management board; Traffic respect, short-term can bring Shu delay because of development, long-term for, development record is long-term for, to treasure mountain countryside can be good thing.


Unit of development of demand of last case group is aimed at analysis of new city fault to master fault broken belt limits and influence face, be able to bear or endure at structural content shake design is brought into ” close fault effect ” think, increase the urgent contingency plan of shake calamity; The rationality that still check nucleus traffic is evaluated at 7 o’clock data, at a rehear filling before May 31.


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