Our country is pressed first times quick pass feeling chip to produce line settle Hunan

Regard Hunan Province as priority discipline, our country has completely own intellectual property first times pressure quick pass feeling chip product line, in clear this world new and high area opened a line successfully on January 16. Recently, the reporter drives this world that go to clear, seek by inquiry is pressed quick pass feeling chip to produce a workshop.

Those who receive us is in at the door the workshop is maths of Hunan Normal University and statistical courtyard rich guide kingdom autumn is taught, he also is Hunan opens peaceful to send president of limited company of feeling science and technology.

He is smiling to say “ Xu reporter, when you interview me 12 years ago, I say to want to build production chip product line, this dream came true today. ”

Night of the New Year’s Eve works overtime to be versed in ceaselessly

Night of the New Year’s Eve, kingdom autumn is taking many 10 engineer of company, fight bravely as before in pressure quick pass feeling chip line to produce a gleam of. Although “ is successful open a line, but the product is doing a test, cannot interrupt. Night of the New Year’s Eve is in everybody work hard. ”

The reporter passes transhipment of through cargo, cleanness twice, enter open peaceful to pass garden of industry of network of feeling content couplet to exceed clean workshop, the “ of manager Yang Yan of microelectronics ministry is fully armed ” , she is defended every day in the workshop, one day also did not rest. She takes us to visit the circuit that chip makes, metallic radical presses film, quarter corrode, clean, develop, detect etc.

Work overtime every day, yang Yan still very excited, she says: “ is pressed quick pass feeling chip product line to open a line successfully, we are particularly successful feeling. Our group is in hard, hope chip performance is steadier, parameter is better and better, offer better product for the market. ”

Opening Tai Yamin to pass feeling chip is to be on metallic radical the functional chip that makes, it is force signal changeover telegraphic date directly, be waited to measure force transducer to go up at all sorts of traffic, fire control, water treatment by wide application. Current, kingdom autumn group already declared invention patent 11, practical as patent as the exterior 6.

Kingdom autumn says, press at present quick after passing feeling chip product line to open a line, the fine rate that still needs to pass 3 months climbs slope period. If fine rate achieves 90% above, but big batch production. After “ is produced, still get the test that passes 3 months above, ensure without quality problem. OK this year in August big batch production, sale. ”

Unremitting 12 years, capture chip produces the crucial difficult problem of whole technological process

In integrated circuit industry, equipment, material, design, production, test, enclose these 6 parts to form fluctuation to swim industrial catenary, each its are in charge of between the enterprise, coordinate development, an enterprise is done only commonly among them together.

Dan Yamin passes construction of feeling chip product line to build a line, kingdom autumn is taking group unremitting to start research and development, a difficult problem breaks through a difficult problem, captured chip produces the difficult problem of whole technological process. He says haughtily, “ is pressed quick the design of the core technology that passes feeling chip product line, critical process and equipment, workshop, chip detects, enclose all finish independently by our group. I regard chip as the architect, do not hope anybody blocks the neck of chip product line. ”

Finish the hardship of backside of own research and development, often let person angst. Kingdom autumn should take the lead not only capture difficult problem of technology of research and development, raise money even 120 million yuan of fund that research and development of product line technology and equipment buy.

2010, in kingdom research and development of autumn belt line is pressed quick the 4th year when pass feeling chip, the company appeared severe capital crisis. For repay a debt, he takes many yuan 400 of scrape up completely, raise fund everywhere again spent difficulty. This thing, he dare not let family know.

Research and development, raise fund, development, which thing lets person angst, press when all things when coming, kingdom autumn speak bluntly is faced with a few times break down want to abandon. Because had stayed 16 years in army, there always is kind of mission feeling in the heart, fight pressure capability is strong, abandon 3 days every time, go all out is cheered dry.

Unremitting eventually can accomplish sth. Support of high new developed area of clear this world builds factory building, guangzhou Chong Jie fund invests 80 million yuan, buy equipment. A lot of people by kingdom autumn spirit is touched, investment exerts oneself, built the chip product line that long for day and night eventually.

Traffic and fire control will be to press quick chip staple market

Pressure quick chip

Kingdom autumn introduces, predict to be produced this year pressure quick pass feeling chip 500 thousand, after be being enclosed into sensor, annual produce 500 million yuan of above. Now year second half of the year, 2 period also will start construction, after building, can come true produce per year pressure quick pass feeling chip 20 million, after be being enclosed into sensor, annual produce will exceed 15 billion yuan.

Pressure quick pass feeling chip market to basically be in 4 big fields: One is traffic domain, include traffic of car, orbit to wait. The automobile body of the research and development that open safe stabilizes systematic pressure to pass feeling chip, can assemble in the car, replace an entrance. The 2nd is wisdom city. The 3rd is oil gas and petrifaction, the 4th is special type industry.

The reporter sees, in saloon of the company that open safe, putting fireplug and fire control water to control the system that monitor, data is newer in real time on big screen. Place inside fireplug pressure quick pass feeling chip, inside fireplug store real time feedback gives water and hydraulic circumstance owner of fire control branch, village, be helpful for fireplug seasonable put out a fire. In the market that plans at present, traffic and wisdom city are two staple market.




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