New generation SimpleLink? Wi-Fi? Equipment will help the challenge of 3 big designs that you settle

Whether had you tried the net of couplet of intelligent other people you (does IoT) equipment receive busy Wi-Fi® network? Although this makes,their a bit cannot produce effect, because of the net fast make person absurdly low with bandwidth?

New generation SimpleLink? Wi-Fi? Equipment will help the challenge of 3 big designs that you settle

A lot of Wi-Fi networks use compose of 2.4 GHz technology to build, as number with 100 million plan the function that equipment has supportive Wi-Fi (annual this number shows volatile growth) , from some kind of angle character, wireless network has can’ted bear heavy burden. This kind of big congest is brought about make a lot of interference, affect the overall performance of the network to enough greatly.

Make us fast browse a few with our close together and relevant fact: When hello not easy ability receives a network, the problem with insecure network followings sb’s heels and come. Network safety accident and baleful attack are pressing menace for the privacy to us. In you (ever) below the condition that know or does not know, the person of global each district can visit your data remotely, embezzle even your identity. The hacker attack rate with a considers to already will have Internet to be received approximately constant computer of Maryland university undertook quantifying—Average every 39 seconds.

Finally, have occasionally after exert oneself force deals with all these when you when breathing, facing the worst condition again: The batteries n of your electronic door lock is thoroughly dried up, you are locked up to be in the home outside, you fall the key in the … inside house to wait a moment however when a moment ago installing new intelligent doorbell, be firm last month change battery?

Clever stylist never stops to search the new method of commonly used technology in improving the life. The new generation SimpleLink of TI™Wi-Fi® equipment CC3135, CC3235S and CC3235SF, can help you overcome design challenge to improve network performance thereby, enhance systematic security, maintain low power comsumption and prolong battery life. Above all can be supplied through providing current software, resource and groomed single platform. Below, let us have more detailed knowledge to these content:

Challenge 1: Reduce the jam in crowded network

You may have heard of term “ Shuang Pin paragraph Wi-Fi” , but what does it mean after all?

The frequency that it can differ with two on behalf of same equipment paragraph transmission data: Support the 5 GHz of the 2.4 GHz of 802.11 B/g/n network and supportive 802.11a network. TI supportable 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum, the frequency that offers more optional channel and more to upload communication discharge paragraph. This makes the network can realize overlay easily, the common congest in network of conduce avoid 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi.

2.4-GHz frequency paragraph still can join for other the technology is used, be like technology of feebleminded bad news of blue tooth ® . Stylist is met normally in using blue tooth and Wi-Fi band same system, patulous the function of its product. But this kind of combination can be brought about both the interference in the sky between, enhanced the crowded rate in the environment further, at the same time blue tooth function also is weakened.

New SimpleLink facility can solve Wi-Fi and blue tooth effectively the complex issue with wireless concomitant equipment, offer 2.4 GHz frequency paragraph fall to take in and send out in large quantities reliably function.

Challenge 2: Enhance IoT security only then choose at hardware

In IoT domain, before producing baleful attack, safety sounds sometimes resembling is a catchword, and often be after the event just become “ the its ” of the firstest consideration. The network safe venture that a report that American state level and technical academy issue points out to modern society “ uses IoT to bring constitutes great menace to the country. ” report still says: “ comes to fall danger of potential heavy gale lowest, these equipment need to ensure security is had recover from an illness ability. ”

The standard that provides the tripartite test and verify with exterior orgnaization or good reputation may conduce to ensure the safe system of equipment is contented somehow dovish sex. At this point, the standard of standard federal information processing that TI already invested high demand of a near future to spend (FIPS) publication 140-2.

Class defined FIPS 140-2 1 to add close engine the safe requirement of in good condition sex. In the system, the meeting when adding sign one’s name of authority of close, ancient bronze mirror, number and close key government to sensitive information is used add close engine. CC3235 equipment has the hardware of card of at least 6 experience to add close engine, composite of at least 12 firmware adds close engine.

Challenge 3: Improve battery service life

In introducing 5 GHz SimpleLink range of products, the performance of low power comsumption that can defend TI effectively to join equipment place is offerred in order to satisfy your expectation. Now, the Shuang Pin that you can choose to have property of optimal low power comsumption paragraph (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)Wi-Fi integrated circuit, use at the application of power supply of pool of odd chip electrify. Have the aid of option of more mode of low power comsumption, this series new facility is helpful for prolonging the service life of batteries of two AA in the system several years.

Through making full use of the Shuang Pin of equipment paragraph (mechanism of fast join of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) can join inside 0.5 seconds to receive a point (AP) . The distinctive network that above character cooperates to be based on real time power to optimize learns algorithm, can help an user realize low power comsumption. Stylist still can use Hostless mode to reduce small to lead plane controller (the dependence of MCU) , and offer more and own advantageous position to handle the repeatability that defines oneself and critical task for network processor. This mode can use up lead plane MCU currently reduce 1/3, extend time of batteries add boat further.

In addition, brand-new Simplink™The energy-saving character of the Wi-Fi equipment of Wi-Fi® equipment can support suit IoT of batteries power supply to apply. These character pass the time of Wi-Fi product Morpheus with longer support, and last in the net (the AP) that is used at supporting this character comes the power source efficiency of hoist.


Include new Wi-Fi facility inside SimpleLink platform is tectonic, those who showed us to design a group is Promethean, clever the complex problem that solves interconnection world. Developer contrives new SimpleLink™Wi-Fi®When CC3135, CC3235S and CC3235SF, with respect to hour prison summary help user overcomes the design of equipment of couplet net IoT to challenge, for modern society quick delivery innovates product.

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