LG Innotek quantity produces the whole world 3D of the thinnest smartphone passes feeling module

LG Innotek expresses at 19 days, the near future produces the amount the 4.6 millimeter smartphone with the smallest whole world to use ToF (Time Of Flight) module, the admiral machine that predicts to carry LG electron 24 days to make public above all on G8 ThinQ, plan to use ToF module to develop the camera technology of innovation.

LG Innotek

ToF module is 3D passes move part, it can shoot the time with resilient object to calculate through the light distance, condition of the stereo touch that lends this to distinguish an object, space and movement. According to ” Korea daily ” report, the personage expresses related LG Innotech, the distance that the 3D of ToF module can identify long, power consumption is little, and frivolous character also suits installation to be on the mobile phone very much. Relevant personage explains to this technology: “ can realize biology identifying, movement identifying, enlarge to add reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) wait for a technology. ”

LG Innotech plan passes the 3D such as ToF module feeling module to be fostered into the camera technology of next generation smartphones. 3D passes feeling technology to be able to judge behavioral character, also can replace touch control a function, if can live to spread the word of feeling technology with 3D, although be not touched,come up against a machine, also can implement a lot of directives.

Global city moves orgnaization Yole Développement to point out, processing of image of 3D of predicting whole world and pass dimensions of move plant market to meet from last year 2.9 billion dollar, will grow to 2022 3 times amount to 9 billion dollar. The personage expresses to this related LG Innotek, after afterwards 2D inputs a technology basically, 3D passes feeling module is the input unit that can allow a mobile phone to promote an administrative levels, new generation again.


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