It is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology wins the bid project of Telef ó Nica, make global network can inspect sexual framework for its

Of Ixia can inspect a gender the solution will is the same as when the physics of monitoring Telefónica and fictitious network

On Feburary 18, 2019, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces now, ministry of its Ixia career already won Telefónica project, will offer for Telefónica can inspect a gender solution, help this company build economy efficient, can expand and be the same as a type can inspect sexual framework, use at monitoring this company is mixed in global physics fictitious network. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

Of use Ixia of mobile operation business and enterprise can inspect a gender the solution will improve experience quality (QOE) , improve network performance, detect the network is unusual and enhance commercial intelligence. The solution of Ixia offers needs real time to carry end to be able to inspect gender and insight for the enterprise, make the enterprise can be protected and enhance its the function of center of crucial network, data and cloud business assets.

CTIO of Telefónica whole world, core network, platform and Javier Gavilan of carriage chief inspector express: “ asks to increase ceaselessly as the monitoring of 5G and VoLTE, we need to be able to expand, the monitoring solution with efficient economy comes at the same time our physical network mixes monitoring fictitious network. Ixia helps us discharge of network of examine of instant a hole in the ground is dynamic, improve network operation better thereby, promote those who serve operation center to use circumstance analysis, and reduce total cost. ”

The Ixia of Telefónica deploy can inspect a gender the solution includes:

·Ixia network data includes a representative (NPB) , it is intelligence, mature to offer and can optimize through discharge of network of process designing pilot, and to business assets can inspect gender and safety to defend ability, make monitoring group can break through applied function bottleneck quickly, diagnose and solve a problem, improve network monitoring and safe tool

·Ixia network shunt implement product, include fiber-optic shunt implement, electric mouth shunt implement with shunt polymerization implement, make the client can master network discharge trends immediately, help its maintain the optimum behavior of the network and security

·Ixia construction controller (IFC) , can manage NPB through concentration, build a safety that moves as onefold cohesion layer and monitoring framework

It is Mark Pierpoint of president of department of career of solution of Ixia of heart science and technology expresses: “ data is in all the time grow continuously, at the same time more and more service providers begin to carry out fictitious change, 5G and other new technology, because this pair makes sure network function, security and the demand that experience quality are all-time and rising. Telefónica needs an economy efficient can inspect a gender solution, so that obtain,outstanding professional work can inspect a gender. The partner that is in place through provider of as banner as the whole world service and us cooperates cheek by jowl, ixia can offer those who cover the whole world to be able to inspect a gender architecture, satisfy this one requirement of Telefónica. ”

Telefónica already was in Spain, Germany, England, Brazil, Peruvian, Colombia, central america (Guatemala, Costarica, Nigaragua and Panama) deploy Ixia can inspect a gender solution, carrying out deploy in other area.

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