Is Vishay newest roll out high-powered 60 V TrenchFET? MOSFET of power of raceway groove of the 4th acting N

Parts of an apparatus uses PowerPAK®SO-8 monomer is enclosed, grid charge is 52 NC, output charge all obtains congener product for 68 NC optimal level

Bin Xi Faniya, MALVERN—On Feburary 21, 2019 — a few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. (Code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announces, roll out new fund 6.15 Mm X 5.15 Mm PowerPAK®The 60 V TrenchFET that SO-8 monomer encloses®MOSFET of power of raceway groove of the 4th acting N—SiR626DP. Vishay Siliconix SiR626DP is used technically at raising power to change develop to attack structural efficiency, before guiding electrify block is compared, acting parts of an apparatus is reduced 36% , at the same time grid charge and output charge reach level of congener product lowest.

Below the requirement of 10 V of parts of an apparatus that issued a few days ago the biggest guide electrify block falls to 1.7 MW, grid charge is 52 NC only, output charge is 68 NC, COSS is 992 PF. In power changeover application, the grid charge of this MOSFET and guide electrify block product and output charge and guide actor of electrify block product is worth coefficient (before FOM) is compared respectively, acting parts of an apparatus reduces 32 % and 45 % . The COSS of MOSFET reduces 69 % .

SiR626DP improved technical standards, through air officer utmost is reduced guide connect and switch loss. Parts of an apparatus raised AC/DC develop to attack structural synchronism commutate, develop of segregation type DC/DC attacks structural former edge and efficiency of deputy edge switch, apply to control of drive of electric machinery of power source of facility of inverter of solar energy miniature and communication, server, medical treatment, dynamoelectric tool and industrial equipment, batteries to run the batteries switch of module.

MOSFET checks through 100% RG and UIS, accord with RoHS standard, without haloid.

SiR626DP can offer sample now and already realized a quantity to produce. The product is 30 weeks for commodity cycle, inspect market condition and decide.

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