Intelligent factory uses intelligence wireless plan discovery is slack

Car line of business often leads manufacturing industry the technology, the scale that makes because of the car and competition ability were reflected rise through automation crop, quality and durative and optimize production.

Now, as manufacturing industry automation leap the next time – the occurrence of intelligent factory – car line of business is become again get one of person that run. Intelligent factory carries network of couplet of industrial other people (IIoT) connection, bring engineering of plan, production, production is carried out and check in production / detect the good luck of the respect.

A domain that perplexes car manufacturer all the time is detect and handle the moisture in entering car. This is a major quality problem, if detect and was not corrected in stage of production, downstream cost is met very tall. And, although rectify and reform cost may be very high, but the product of Fu Yunlou water gives a client, should get high to the loss of brand fame much, and correct very hard.

The vision examines a way, although bit of “ often sends ” , rely on the human attention to detail, can discover prominent slack place, but small slack part, the area that often nearing hard, it is very difficult be impossible to discover even.

Pass slack detected flow automation, solved what check with human vision is abhorrent, collected valuable data, can improve design and workmanship.

In the article, an Sen beautiful semiconductor makes with a view to this makes likely perceptive technology, talk about it how to apply to a lot of intelligence factories, is the car that those production not just.

The challenge of slack test

Although electronic world is occurrent very big change, but a thing won’t change forever: Water and electronic product are not good associate. However, in a lot of application, be in especially long-range and outdoors in the equipment such as use electric equipment ark, what prevent climate exclusively to affect electronic parts is the case of product of the electron that pack or cabinet, or to the car it is automobile body and sealing strip.

Of electronic system pack undertake formal test and judge qualification inside development cycle normally, with ensuring its are sealed enough satisfies the use environment with electronic harsh system. But, the test in also be necessary to producing a course is slack, especially if was added pushbutton, indicator or indication screen, need is in the case starting a hole, next sealed.

To lesser module, a kind of common method is water invades a test, next visual examination has without bleb, bleb makes clear have slack place. To bigger project, be like outdoors use electronic device, car, or for example railroad traffic, do not undertake water is invaded normally check however with gush water. This is involved commonly with ejector of robot pilot high pressure from water of many angle gush, in order to explore any mixing all and potential slack point, quicken water to invade.

Be in almost below all circumstances, this product will drench through gush area or water invade an area, check next slack. The commonnest examination method is to let product line operate personnel to undertake to the product after the test visual examination. Below certain circumstance, usable water contacts indicator to take, when having water indicator belt changes color, in order to make flow handy. Anyhow, method of this kind of examination makes mistake very easily – operation personnel always is in time pressure to fall, checking while have possibly also other the task that have nothing to do wants to carry out, they are easy also and abstracted, also may see the small slack part of the product very hard in the area that enters hard.

Method of this kind of examination is very costly also. Inspect the dimension of the product and complex degree, need handles the time of personnel, cost is high, and slow down produces a progress. And, costlier is, if a slack place did not see, defective product reachs user of a business or consumer over there, be discovered to have drawback subsequently. Below this kind of circumstance, charge may include to return and change, by slack the follow-up that cause is damaged, cause finally to the fame of manufacturer damage badly.

Wireless plan of “ intelligence ”

Of a kind of innovation, the plan RFM5126 water of “ intelligence ” invades testing system to had been developed. The manufacturer that should make key solution support intelligent factory not only decides whether water has been permeated, still can offer more about slack the data that how happen and is in where, improve for product or craft provide valuable data.

This core of compositive system is An Sen beautiful semiconductor without batteries wireless water divides sensor, brand name is intelligent passive sensor (Smart Passive Sensing™ or SPS™) .

Intelligent factory uses intelligence wireless plan discovery is slack

Graph 1: SPS™ moisture label has a variety of different measure, facilitate stick on the product, by the power supply of Magnus® integrated circuit of Axzon

These rainfall / ultrahigh frequency (when UHF) sensor has back glue to make its are being assembled, be stuck inside the product by firm ground, offer the option configuration of ” of tail of a bibulous “ , support covers larger area. Come less 0.05 Ml water (common ground says is “ a water”) can be numerated.

After gush drenchs, contain through fixed read take implement area or hand move the ground to be read with hand-held take implement will numerate label. This passive sensor need not batteries power source, because they are used,from inside exploration signal collection energy transmits the news that whether has water.

Intelligent factory uses intelligence wireless plan discovery is slack

Graph 2: RFM5126 system applies to of all kinds product line

Producing a workshop, RF reads card implement whether to in can indicating specific product instantly, exist slack, sensor has water and can indicate slack position according to which even. Be in intelligent factory, end item is mobile on conveyer belt, the product with slack existence will be gone to by move another conveyer belt, bring the product another district of the factory, so that be being returned advocate do poorly done work over again undertakes before product line in order to eliminate slack.

Through collecting slack data period of time, can have a variety of means are offerred and analyse extremely valuable feedback. These data can undertake an analysis in this locality, also can pass IIoT to relay data other ground is nodded by connective intelligence factory, be like headquarters or center of research and development, these branches may need to take action according to these data. After analysing period of time simply, will make clear some to a system of fixed quotas for grain production tastes a model or assemble craft to whether be put in the problem especially.

Customer IT Applications: Client IT uses a program

Gateway API: Interface of gateway application process designing (API)

Console Display App: Console shows applied process

RFM5126 Moisture Intrusions Detection System: RFM5126 water invades testing system

Database: Database

RF Readers: RF reads card implement

Barcode Reader: Bar code reads card implement

Edge Processing: Brim processing

End Points: End points

Moisture Sensors: Water divides sensor

Intelligent factory uses intelligence wireless plan discovery is slack

Graph 3: Data can undertake an analysis in manufacturing workshop directly

The system still can find out even of individual spell personnel to operate personnel deep, the likelihood discovers persistent mistake extent. Branch of research and development also can use integrated data, in order to discover design flaw, upgrade products plan and avoid to give an issue in prospective product.


The core of intelligent factory concept is to pass use intelligence system and data analysis, be shared through IIoT normally and incorporate the many data of production dot, will improve product and flow. RFM5126 moisture inbreaks the program of water of check track down a leak that testing system offers a kind of modernization and intelligence to change, eliminated detect the operator in the process is wrong, provided valuable data, so that the analysis is mixed,improve ship-fitter art, reach the flaw that discovers product itself may exist, even is persistent operator mistake.

Through implementing this system, need not detect almost completely artificially the job, make detect more accurate, cannot discover no longer slack, reduced guarantee charge, raised client satisfaction to spend, protected brand reputation.

This is the ” plan of true “ intelligence, settle the challenge of a long-standing, will slack detect the era that brings intelligent plant.

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