Intel is bought can apparel Ineda Systems of company of chip newly established

IntelBuying new technology and technical qualified personnel all the time, recently, the intermediary outside having reports, intel already bought Haidelaba to do poineering work stealthily companyIneda Systems.


As we have learned, intel buys Ineda Systems with whole ready money business, the clause is unidentified. Ineda Systems is to be intelligent watch to wait only can apparel the newly established company that equipment designs chip of feebleminded bad news, in India gram of carat of tower of emperor of California of Haidebala, United States sets agency.




Disclose according to message personage, intel buys Ineda Systems this, basically be for the skill of its employee is not product or service. Intel had bought engineer of about 100 Ineda, because they have graphical technology technical ability. It is reported, intel still will buy those who be located in the Kondapur near Gu Ge to hire Ineda Systems agency, this agency has not little project talented person at present.


Dasaradha Gude of Ineda Systems author confirmed this one information, but reject to disclose any detail. In addition, intel official confirmed this trades, but they also reject exposure to trade detail.


Ineda Systems is a newly established company that established 2011, aspire is made can apparel the new framework of equipment and data center, production can reduce the miniature processor of specific power consumption considerably.


April 2014 portion, ineda Systems took financing the 2nd round, collect amount reachs 17 million dollar. Investor includes fund of activator of SamSung of fund of the investment below banner of Walden-Riverwood Ventures, SamSung (Samsung Catalyst Fund) , achieve below Gao Tongqi pitch science and technology of fund Qualcomm Ventures, India investment and advisory firm IndusAge Partners and the company of other use Ineda that include Imagination inside the client of the product such as CPU.

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