General chip of NFC of meaning law semiconductor will use new NFC to read card implement performance award

Innovation function reduces EMVCo 3.0 to add up to compasses difficulty, add skill of aggrandizement of a function for NFC application

China, on Feburary 20, 2019 – meaning law semiconductor releases ST25R3916 NFC general chip, include innovation function, can simplify pay terminal the design, the help is reduced card, mobile phone and can apparel the difficulty that equipment accords with new EMVCo 3.0 to be not contact each other to operate a standard.

General chip of new NFC of meaning law semiconductor is based on on generation product ST25R3911B. Offer dynamic power to output as first (of DPO) read card implement chip, ST25R3911B but will field is strong carry the restriction that sets in EMVCo inside limits, because 0 spaces power passes,avoid big and attaint card and mobile phone. New NFC general chip added active weaveform plastic (AWS) , can run electric energy continuously, raise the dovish sex that weaveform issues in aerial detuning condition. Two functions can help DPO and AWS new terminal design passes newest EMVCo 3.0 attestation quickly, the IC of blame contact close coupling that simplifies to differ to reference standard gets stuck (PICC) emulation mode, can apparel the test of equipment and mobile equipment.

STR25R3916 increased noise of industry head money to restrain receiver (NSR) , have unapproachable extremely tall reception sensitivity, , can prevent terminal unit to consider as the LCD noise of itself the laden modulation that pays facility signal by accident. Design personnel can choose ideal LCD, for the user creation first-rate uses an experience. Need not use the LCD of low a confusion of voices of screen noise, can simplify type selecting of indication face plate reduces product cost.

In addition, when manostat of LDO of use chip interior, the output power of ST25R3916 is as high as 1.6W; to be in add when installing an exterior manostat, output power will taller, can ensure field is strong so enough tall, even if inside the equipment that installing small antenna, also enough maintains join dependability.

Divide outside paying terminal, mix in all sorts of industry in consuming kind of application, ST25R3916 same performance is superior, for example, equipment of network of couplet of terminal of entrance guard system, game, content, brand is protected and supply catenary to use case, include product configuration, attestation and information date from.

From automatic antenna tuning (electromagnetism of AAT) , automatic EMD(is disturbed) processing, capacitance and inductance province report are waked up (CWU) , read to support write implement, the dot emulates mode to dot and card, ST25R3916 can accelerate a product to appear on the market to design personnel to offer and accord with all function that relevant NFC standard needs.

ST25R3916 still provides the tool of freeware or public domain software with a rich function, this PC software can visit the register of ST25R3916 and function, the complete RF / NFC that supports all and main technique is abstract (RFAL) layer, include complete ISO-DEP and NFC-DEP layer, covering ST25R is a product completely. Meaning law semiconductor still offers free EMVCo L1 software to wrap.

ST25R3916 already was measured now produce, use 5mm X 5mm 32 to bring crural QFN to enclose.

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