Connect new generation high chip of fundamental frequency of X55 5G of 7 accept rice comes out

Be in next week the plenary session of world news report that is about to launch (MWC) before, big plant connects action processor high (Qualcomm) the chip of 5G fundamental frequency that published new generation Snapdragon X55 formally. relatively the chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X50 5G that publishs before Yu Zhi, chip of X55 5G fundamental frequency besides assist Duan Pin paragraph besides communication join, still be first fundamental frequency chip that achieves 7Gbps rate, relatively the 5Gbps speed of X50 wants tower above 40% .

X55 5G

Connect high express, the chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X55 5G of new generation uses the odd chip structure of 7 accept rice to design. 5G communication respect, can assist millimeter wave and Sub-6 (6GHz is the following) frequency paragraph, reach highest the download speed that amounts to 7Gbps and highest amount to 3Gbps upload speed. In the meantime, also undertook upgrading in the concatenate respect of 4G network, from the Cat20 that X24 assists, rise to assist Cat 22, achieve the download rate of highest 2.5Gbps.

And besides help 5G and 4G network besides, the shares jackknife frequency that chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X55 5G still helps 5G and 4G network paragraph. The design of this respect, basically be to be aimed at 5G to the network builds place earlierly and come. Because, at the beginning 5G network builds place, 4G network still must bear the weight of capacity of most data flow, make such designs OK share in what resource has directly on the network of 4G and 5G.

relatively at before the chip of Snapdragon X50 fundamental frequency of generation, although also help 5G network together. But having a drawback is X50 it is to use single standard design, if want compatible 2G to arrive the communication frequency of 4G paragraph, cooperate chip of X24 LTE fundamental frequency to be used each other with respect to need. So, this namely before connect a directive high, the form that outside must be being used, registers will cooperate Snapdragon 855 floating platform to support 5G network pattern.

Additional, as chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X55 5G publish, connect high also publish module of brand-new antenna of QTM525 millimeter wave at the same time. QTM525 is those who be aimed at 6GHz the following 5G and LTE is brand-new radio frequency of Cheng of 14 pay the metric system sends and receive odd chip implement. Cooperate the use of chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X55 5G, can reach the frivolous external form that is less than 8 millimeter is helped on mobile phone products plan, and dimension of 4G mobile phone is at present adjacent.

Connect high still point out, because of the concern with QTM525 small bulk, chip of fundamental frequency of prospective collocation Snapdragon X55 5G will be more than apply in the mobile phone, other include station of fixed and mobile base station, PC, note computer, flat computer, wireless base, and the application that car communication replaces interconnected system can undertake designing.

And connect high express, at present chip of fundamental frequency of Snapdragon X55 5G is giving appearance to the client in, predict the aux will be able to end 2019 sees relevant dealer is published with the product.




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