Chip of United States of get warm again after a cold spell of trade demand hopeful go up force is powerful

Tycoon Ying Weida released chip to exceeded 2019 on Feburary 14 after anticipating outstanding achievement is how-to, dish hind share price goes up greatly for a time even more 9% . Outside dividing Ying Weida, much home chip company near future was released in succession exceeded 2019 anticipate outstanding achievement is how-to, orgnaization of much home of together with near future expects trade demand get warm again after a cold spell, chip strong rebound. Among them, the industry bibcock such as beautiful semiconductor of beautiful optical science and technology, An Sen obtains the market to value, the beginning of the year up to now share price rises to all exceed 30% .


Chip collective and orgiastic

On Feburary 14 US stock dish hind, ying Weida was announced up to the 2019 money January 27 year outstanding achievement of season of the 4th money. Although Ying Weida closes to glide compared to the same period when season battalion 24% to 2.21 billion dollar, but that day dish hind share price still is obtained go up greatly, because Yingwei amounted to Ceng Yu to reduced this quarter outstanding achievement considerably on January 28 how-to, say aggravation of macroscopical economy environment affected consumer to amount to game to Yingwei kind the demand of GPU, this interest empty factor already made share price big that day drop 13.82% , and this the company expects 2020 money year (natural 2019 year) annual battalion closes to keep balance compared to the same period or appreciably drops, be unscrambled to be Yingwei to amount to the quarter that later period can witness health this year to go up by the market situation. Company management layer expresses, this year first quarter, the company predicts channel inventory will be in normal level, good the “ at the prophecy end last year is superfluous condition ” .

Early before, mark general ever was known as in year 2018 the first ox AMD announced on January 29 outstanding achievement of the fourth quarter showed 2018, although battalion receives net to glide, but data center sale is obtained record-breaking growth, and beforehand the 2019 wool interest rate after appraise is adjusted will exceed 41% , for the top level that comes nearly 8 years, this your AMD share price is in that day dish hind go up greatly nearly 10% .

Be worth what carry is, luck of Sailingsai, peaceful amounts to chip bibcock and pull Mu to consider to release super- after anticipating money signs up for, 3 stocks rose on January 24 all exceed 10% , aid push measure American chip semiconductor board piece Philadelphia semiconductor index rises that day 5.73% .

Accompany outstanding achievement to good, since this year chip collective and orgiastic. The beginning of the year of share price of An Sen beautiful semiconductor up to now accumulative total rises 39.13% , optical science and technology of beauty of the corresponding period goes up 32.34% , data goes up western 28.89% , AMD goes up 28.28% , small core science and technology goes up 26.67% , applied material goes up 19.43% , rare nimble science and technology goes up 18.45% , ying Weida goes up 17.86% . The corresponding period of Philadelphia semiconductor index rises 16.97% , general of prep above mark 500 indexes the corresponding period of 10.72% goes up. Up to on Feburary 15, data of research organization Factset shows, the of 79% company in 500 indexes announced mark general the four seasons spent outstanding achievement 2018, the science and technology that covers chip industry among them board piece the company outstanding achievement that has 84% exceeds anticipate, this one scale only under industry board piece, the general that list mark 500 indexes 11 big board piece in the 2nd.

Get warm again after a cold spell of hopeful of industry of second half of the year

Analytic personage points out, value of product of the inadequacy of demand driving force such as machine of intelligence of be enslaved to be enslaved to, industry appears in succession the commerce environment of inflection point, complicated and confusing brings about discretion of downstream client stock up, chip industry entered cycle of be issued to lower levels 2018. But 2019 second half of the year, get warm again after a cold spell of trade demand hopeful, and to the industry will be entered 2020 up periodic.

Lucky silver is newest grind the newspaper thinks, global chip demand may rebound later on this year, although 2019 first quarter foreground not beautiful, but the “ that this quarter may give active job is periodic bottom ” .

Lucky silver is not exclusive an orgnaization that discovers evidence of sole of market of chip manufacturer whole. Magendatong analyst HarlanSur thinks, the period with the chip the worst industry in struggling hard may have gone. Sur says, if the market still does not have sole, so bottom also should be close to January the favorable position of the middle ten days of a month. Controlled one year in the past, chip industry share price steeps fall, but this is a lot of chip rebound considerably had made preparation.

In, the outstanding achievement of the industry bibcock such as the material of Ying Weida, A Simai, application, research that pull Mu is premonitory all be opposite industry of second half of the year anabiosised 2019 hold upbeat mood.

In addition, the market analyses a personage to point out, hopeful greets the company of the heat domain research and development such as sortie car chip, artificial intelligence chip and production to erupt this year type grows. In star company, connect high announced to enlarge battle array of car computer chip recently, pass cooperate with Yamaxun, what more Yamaxun offers for the user on computer carry to serve in the car, at present already car manufacturer plans to enable the car chip that connects high. This year the beginning of the year, platform of service of cloud of the AWS below the banner and SamSung venture capital investment mix Yamaxun the Avery Dennison B that participated in Wiliot of wireless technology company annulus financing, develop blue tooth chip, net of distribution content couplet. Intel the beginning of the year is exposed to the sun, will with facial book the artificial intelligence chip with new joint development, this chip will 2019 second half of the year is released.




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