China for ” Tian Gang ” chip of 5G radical station is released, have super- calculate force by force

The near future, in the light of5Gdeploy problem, make China to be in ” of “ where the wind and the waves are highest all the time. So that all along low-key Ren Zhengfei, accept media often also to interview, the problem that cares in the light of the outside replies one by one. And be in today, china to be in 5G respect produced ” of big movement of a “ again!




China to release the whole world first 5G radical stands core chip “Tian Gang


China held a news briefing to be in Beijing, rolled out the whole world formally —— of chip of core of station of first 5G radical China for Tian Gang, and the chip of modem of Ba Long 5000 5G that supports terminal product, revealed China for “ extremely the 5G of brief design ” base station. Distributing from the product in light of, this is China release jointly first for operation business BG and consumer BG, showed adequately China for the actual strength in 5G domain. As we have learned, china arrive to can offer the end that covers center of terminal, network, data upright 5G grinds oneself chip, supportive “ controls network of ” of type, entire spectrum completely.


China for the layout in 5G domain


In 5G distribution side, china be it may be said is very active. Be in early 2009 China to had begun relevant technology of 5G of research and development, ever still announced to study in 5G with the standard two phase invest 600 million dollar 2013. And the respect is decided in metric system, china bed Polar plan makes world standard finally.


2018, china to take the lead in releasing 5G whole set business uses a product, take the lead in test and verify of global dimensions outfield, take the lead in beginning global dimensions business to use. Up to by 2018, china to already finished China all beforehand business uses test test and verify, drove 5G to enter dimensions business to use drive.


On January 9, 2019, china for “5G razor blade ” of type radical station is used by right of innovation sex unified modular the technical breakthrough such as the design, win first prize of award of progress of technology of 2018 year country; This radical station realizes all unit razor blade to change, the random between different module goes all out outfit, the installation that makes 5G radical stands is simple like spelling outfit building blocks convenient.


Besides, china contain to still rolled out global head money in the near future the data center switching equipment of AI cerebra, its property industry is highest, can realize aether net 0 lose a bag, end falls to Duan Shiyan to 10 small seconds the following; Its are the biggest power comsumption has 8W only, a such AI chip ability, the computational ability of the server of 25 two-way CPU that exceeds current main trend.




China to reveal “ extremely brief design ”5G base station


And the 5G that just releases base station core chip, in compositive degree, calculated the respect such as bandwidth of force, spectrum to gain revolutionary headway. Incorporate is, extremely tall compositive, fall in standards of extremely low day range size first, result of PA(of active of supportive large scale integration is put) with passive streak; Calculate force extremely by force, realize the promotion of ability of 2.5 times operation, carry newest algorithm and) of form of Beamforming(beam ode, odd chip is controallable be as high as industry highest 64 passageways; Extremely broadband chart, support bandwidth of spectrum of 200M operation business, one pace reachs the designated position the deploy demand of contented future network.


Additional, this chip still will be AAU(Active Antenna Unit, active antenna radio frequency is unit) brought revolutionary promotion, measure of implementation radical station is narrow exceed 50% , weight is reduced 23% , power comsumption is economic amount to 21% , the 4G that installs time to compare a level base station, save half the time.


Basis China introduces for Yang Chaobin of president of 5G product line, up to on December 31, 2018 China use a contract to had acquired 30 5G business, 25000 many 5G base the station already sent past world each district. More important is, china bed 5G equipment is delivering goods to global market everyday, also can see from which China the business that it is 5G is in global market of in an orderly way undertake.


Base station chip why so important?


relatively the progress at consuming a domain, this China to release base after station chip, “ China head ” of chip of fund day Gang was to go up directly more Baidu key word heats up search, this enough sees the attention of the market is spent. Investigate its reason, the ” of “ resurgence incident that erupted last year makes home increasing the importance that the person begins to realize chip.




Resurgence incident


To market of global communication equipment, china for, Nuojiya, love establishs letter and resurgence communication these 4 enterprises, come for years all the time forestall is worn the whole world the market share of about 80% . However one paper ban of the United States, let rank the whole world at that time the resurgence communication of the 4th entered dormancy state immediately, normal production also cannot be begun.


This one incident also disclosed manufacturer of domestic communication equipment to be in of domain of crucial parts of an apparatus be short of break, include among them base station chip. To communication base the station, form by about a hundred chip normally, be in charge of realizing different function respectively. Simple for, base the station blasts off and return collection bugle call, there should be chip filter wave above all after receiving order of letter in reply, stabilize signal; Next still chip magnifies this kind of particularly small signal; Again chip undertakes analytic, processing; It is chip is in charge of transmitting next, distribute. Base station core follows computer similar, can realize all sorts of functions, but it can support many mobile phones, rate is consequently rapidder, chip is more complex.


After resurgence incident, the electron that enrol business also points out, at present base if parts of an apparatus of radio frequency of the part in the station is housing filter, smooth the respect such as module can come true self-sufficient and contented, but in chip respect self-sufficient rate is returned very low.


This shows, base station chip is broken through independently now falsely, domestic communication manufacturer will all the time by ” of “ clutch neck.


China be communication radical to stand no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to?


Also fall in such setting just about, china after be Gang of day of chip of core of 5G radical station to release, caused a large number of discussion instantly, even core of China of ” of “ beautiful muscle, “ rises abruptly ” , “ breaks the view that those seem foreign forestall ”…… to ever was acquainted to begin to appear again. But actual condition, really such?


Above all China a job that often deserves affirmation to release dispute of chip of core of 5G radical station, this also represented domestic company to be in of communication domain again major breakthrough, but say no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to is afraid too early still. The personage inside course of study also thinks, home designs respect ability to be not differred in chip, especially Hua Weihai is thought of, truly wrong place is a few keys instead yuan parts of an apparatus.




Communication radical station is formed basically


From on can see in the graph, communication radical station basically is handled by base band (BBU) , radio frequency is handled (RF) and a few parts such as aerial are formed. And China the AAU(Active Antenna Unit that advocates for place, active antenna radio frequency is unit) making industry trend, its are substantially RRU compositive in aerial, form active antenna unit, what promote communication equipment thereby is compositive degree, and substantially minor volume. This from China in contrasting for equipment of the communication in this news briefing OK and special see apparently.


And specific arrive yuan of parts of an apparatus in light of, home has had position of success of much home company in respect of 5G antenna research and development, this on one hand self-sufficient degree is opposite taller. But in radio frequency respect, still be foreign tycoon is gotten at present run.


In domain of radio frequency parts of an apparatus, qorvo, skyworks, rich is connected etc deep ploughing of the enterprise that cross a state is old, the research and development that has formed independence, production and enclose test system, have radio frequency chip to grind oneself technology, overall product position is had in radio frequency domain, own many market share on global market, had formed very preponderance.


In 5G times, be aimed at 5G crucial technology, skyworks can offer the product that satisfies requirement of frequency band of tall beehive of low, medium, Gao Hechao at present, divide buildup carrier group and double join (outside 4G/5G) , the solution all supports all 5G new 5G weaveform and spectrum;Qorvo release product of 5G radio frequency to include module of amplifier of 2 class power, compositive front (FEM) and broadband drive amplifier.


Actually, parts of an apparatus of Chinese crucial radio frequency counts an import entirely almost. Face coming 5G period, because frequency Duan Sheng is tall, will pose bigger challenge to radio frequency parts of an apparatus, such as will be ecbolic the innovation technology such as BAW filter, millimeter wave PA, GaN craft PA. Although domestic manufacturer also is in layout, but want to be in short-term inside break foreign monopoly, almost impossible.


Ren Zhengfei of no less than interviews in the near future in place character: I do not support “ ’ of ‘ own innovation this word, I think, science and technology is the mankind collective fortune, we must step the advancement on the shoulder of advanced person, such ability shorten the process that we enter the world to precede. Own innovation if mental level I am support. Others has innovated, we should value the intellectual property of others, receive the permission of others, pay to go. And 5G also was exaggerated actually its action, also was exaggerated by more person China the achievement that is a company. ”


This shows, china to roll out chip of core of 5G radical station, it is important to strode in system and applied respect one pace. But want to change domestic key yuan be enslaved to be enslaved to of parts of an apparatus the person’s situation, want a change by the corner of ” of neck of person “ clutch, still very long way wants!



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