Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

The competition of domain of below market economy each technology is a jungly law is vivid deduce. The outbreak that waits for burgeoning applying as content couplet net and big data grows, the jungly law of memory domain is staging the story of “ vivid ” year after year. Nevertheless, there is a kind of technology to live a kind not to have the time that argue with “ mainstream ” however in memory domain, be in embedded domain of storage of systematic key data is silent and cultivated 20 years, by right of read high write what wear, tall literary sketch is entered and exceed low power comsumption is distinctive and idiosyncratic, in Kbit and Mbit class in recent years miniature data stores the domain begins wind unboiled water to rise, in all sorts of application domains again and again ” of “ look good as result of recieving praise has behead to obtain greatly, this is FRAM of iron report memory.

The blame of FRAM loses a sex easily to industry can say at that time is to overturn of the gender, the blame of memory breaks a gender easily to point to the character that still can save a memory information below the condition that does not have electrify, this is meant mothball batteries need not be joined in circuit, still can be in abiogenesis important data is saved when cutting off the power, once roll out,get attention fully namely accordingly. And when refer FRAM, often cannot keep away from this one semiconductor manufacturer, it is —— Fuji connects semiconductor.

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 1: The 3 large crucial dominant positions that FRAM stores.

Arrive from blame mainstream “ net red ” , volume of 3.7 billion shipment lets FRAM nowhere is absent

The FRAM parts of an apparatus that FRAM technology can weighs ”—— of cold door of “ of one’s previous experience is original measures level in Kbit centrally almost, the absolutely “ that finite capacity and not low price bring about inchoate and only limit to wait for minority application domain in industrial three-phase ammeter is not mainstream ” , 1999 its sales volume only 3M piece. In activity of not long ago, fuji connects an electron yuan parts of an apparatus (Shanghai) Feng Yi of inspector general of department of government of limited company product is new tell the author, fuji is connected be in early already began memory of FRAM of research and development 1995, produce to successful 1999 quantity push to the market, heretofore already had quantity of 20 years to produce experience, shipment volume accumulative total is to achieve 3.7 billion breathtaking more, involved field covers all and main field almost, can calls the “ net of memory bound red ” !

Through the ceaseless breakthrough of the long-term and extensive test and verify of the market and technology, fuji connects FRAM product to apply successfully already at the industrial domain such as instrument of the card domain such as intelligent card and IC card, power and industrial facilities, medical treatment equipment reachs the medical treatment domain such as label of medical treatment RFID. Some closer year come, the climate such as IoT and car electrification is constant emerge in large numbers, fuji is connected roll out lower power comsumption further, or the FRAM product of car plan step, get used to the industry development such as electron of equipment of content couplet network, car, offer the solution of high quality, high reliability for the client.

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 2: Fuji connects FRAM product shipment to measure accumulative total to already exceeded 3.7 billion

Distinctive function accomplishs ” of technical “ hard nucleus, FRAM is the actual strength clique of memory bound. Feng ease new hope points out dye-in-the-woodly, fuji connects FRAM to have 3 large main dominant positions: Read high write wear, tall literary sketch to enter and low power comsumption, great majority cannot be likened to this with type memory. Among them, FRAM writes frequency life to be as high as 10 trillion times, and EEPROM is only 1 million (10^6) . In the meantime, fuji connects FRAM to write data to be able to be finished inside 150ns, the 1/30 that speed is EEPROM about, 000, the power comsumption that keeps data of a byte is the 150nJ, 1/400 that is EEPROM about only, unique advantage is had in application of batteries power supply.

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 3: As comparative as main competition technology, FRAM dominant position is prominent.

Achieve so superior performance, this and Fuji connect the technology with deep FRAM to accumulate and using unique PZT crystal structure not to have nothing to do is. Feng ease new explanation says: “ Fuji connects FRAM to there are zirconium or titanium ion in crystal lattice two point of safes. Can produce polarization when the electric field that add buy, zirconium / titanium ion is in crystal namely up or move downward. Although be below the condition that does not impose buy electric field, also can maintain electrode. Right now, two stable condition store with the form of “0” or “1” , this is the working way of FRAM. In the meantime, accumulate quantity of 20 years to produce experience, fuji connects the production of FRAM to make a technology be perfected ceaselessly, ensured stable, reliable, last for goods! ”

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 4: Fuji understands the PZT crystal structure with unique FRAM and working principle

Burgeoning domain of ” of “ sweep the deck, FRAM multichannel “ digs golden ”

If say the technology is the underlying basis of the product, so case is a product is explicit endorse. Be in a year of in the past, fuji connects FRAM to be obtained in the market promotion of each domains not the progress of common. It is reported, in the BMS application of car electron domain, truckload the FRAM product that the factory already decided to use Fuji to connect 5V 64Kbit SPI a few days ago like auspicious car is used at its in system of BMS of own research and development. In the meantime, connect to east wind, Jin Long, eaves, on steam is general nimble of 5 water chestnut, Hua Chenbao horse, one steam, drive, Jiang Huai, strange luck truckload a lot of manufacturer such as the Tier-1 that the factory offers BMS, Tier-2, also be being used or be about to use Fuji to understand FRAM product. In addition, the Shang Yicai of manufactory of tire of an Italian FI with famous industry connects FRAM product to be used at fetal pressing to monitor with Fuji. Enter by right of tall wear, tall literary sketch, the character of high reliability, with the product dominant position that adopts attestation of car plan step, fuji connects FRAM to become an ode can key car applies outside hang memory first selection.

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 5: FRAM of step of plan of Fuji be open to traffic applies extensively in car electron setting

Endow with besides product of FRAM of car plan step can outside car electron application, fuji connects FRAM to have high fever to keep the character such as wear and low power comsumption, apply to systematic gateway (the data with the record in Gateway) and main memory. In system of content couplet network, often need every 1 second or 2 seconds namely real time, store continuously terminal data, and systematic synchronism sends terminal data server of stage of in the future, add systematic majority to use the means of power supply of macrobian life batteries, reason low power comsumption is the element with whole indispensable system. Feng Yi is new express: A client of “ Guangzhou uses Fuji to connect FRAM product to apply at intelligence to copy watch system at present. The water that this one system that copy a watch can use at the dormitory such as the university, report, gas dosage is recorded, raise the efficiency that copy a watch and accuracy. Fuji connects FRAM write life to be achieved 10 trillion times, keep data according to 1 second, the data that can satisfy the system that copy a watch to be as long as 10 years keeps demand, because this equipment accepts the favour of this kind of client. ”

Below law of memory domain forest, fuji is general 20 years dedicated deduce additional kind rise abruptly

Graph 6: Fuji connects FRAM to apply block diagram mediumly in gateway Gateway

Special those who point out is, high reliability FRAM is one of electronic products with the not much amount to that applies to domain of high-end medical treatment more. For example, the operation appliance of current hospital, inject appliance has added electronic label, use at tracking to carry, use, the complete record such as processing, disinfection. These appliance need gamma ray to undertake the illuminate of specific dosage, specific time when disinfection, and the electronic label memory that can resist illuminate of ray of high dose gamma is disinfected is current and only FRAM. The tradition shines put or because EEPROM uses the means of charge infuse to realize data storage, the medical treatment domain such as overpowering X ray, gamma ray is commonly used the interference of ray, cause data extremely easily to lose. Feng Yi is new continue to complement: High reliability of “ profit from, can resist the advantage such as ray interference, low power comsumption, fuji connects FRAM to apply successfully already in appearance of CT scanning machine, custody, automatic CPAP(pressure of path of successive healthy atmosphere) in the product such as label of electron of equipment, Acousticon, medical treatment, improve the manufacturing efficiency of medical treatment industry. Summary ground says, in the requirement Gao Ke relies on gender, high speed / tall wear data is read write, low power comsumption, in refusing the facility of high-end medical treatment such as radiation, FRAM is having close to the application of 100% . ”

Function + sexual price is compared, the sword points to 4 billion little cause

“ before Fuji of refer of the personage inside course of study connects FRAM, often say an expensive word. ” Feng Yi newly jokingly. Without doubt, memory IC kind the product increases ceaselessly as shipment volume, cost of research and development is ceaseless share equally, the price of each bit can fall subsequently. Meanwhile, electron of content couplet net, car is changed, the industry big trend such as application of key medical treatment is ecbolic also the market opportunity with FRAM constant in a steady stream, jiashangfushi connects oneself to upgrade ceaselessly workmanship, raise brilliant circle fine rate, enlarge the element such as brilliant round dimension, fuji connects FRAM product to be in in the near future price advantage will get be reflectinged further.

Feng Yi says newly, the development that Fuji understands all FRAM product is the demand that is based on a client, the demand that passes through a client digs the latent capacity of the market adequately, already can according to client demand custom-built research and development is produced, OK also will custom-built product answer with, implementation is efficient, offer for the market more use easily, sexual price compares better product. According to divulging, 2019, the FRAM product hopeful that Fuji connects pounds the end that 4 billion shipment estimates. “FRAM is very good product, but the market development of the product needs a technology to accumulate already, also need time test and verify. We are bringing more clients and wider application setting good product, this our confidence is dye-in-the-wood! ”

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