Violet light hand in hand group couplet, join forces is extended show memory market quickly

TaiwanShine quicklyMemory controls chip bibcockGroup couplet24 days announce, withViolet lightViolet light stores science and technology signs strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing below group division, both sides supplies catenary, products plan, generation to be versed in the domain such as production deepens collaboration in the round in memory product, establish close partner relationship, produce bilateral advantage adequately, join forces is extended show memory market quickly.

Show memory quickly

This is group of couplet and palaver of violet smooth group after collaboration is old, formal conclude union is made an appointment with, also be the main index case that two sides extends memory domain market hand in hand. Before this, violet smooth group and home are sealed measure course of study to have partial collaboration, but much confine is in enclose the circumjacent domain such as business, group of couplet and this violet optical storage are versed in in design, generation wait for deep chemical combination to make, it is cross-strait memory line of business one big milepost.


Although both sides was not like the outside to anticipate formerly,buy equity, but also mirror group of couplet and violet light to pass through form an alliance, build another stability to show storage supply of goods quickly, reach the chance that blocks a mainland to show memory market quickly to develop.


Both sides finished an autograph to make an appointment with in Beijing yesterday, group couplet president Pan Jian is become, executive vice-president of whole world of violet smooth group holds president of violet optical storage concurrently to be attended Ren Jiwei of president of Ma Daojie, violet optical storage.


Pan Jian is become express, group couplet is cultivated show memory industry quickly nearly 20 years, knowing very well the attitude that maintains open collaboration is the cornerstone of long-term competition ability, already built politic alliance with big plant of conductor of half and half.


He emphasizes, violet optical storage is memory industry nova, expect the position with will be had significant in semiconductor industry. Group couplet cooperates through the strategy that stores with violet light, expect to start the chance with bilateral new operation.


Ma Daojie points out, the development that violet smooth group already built product of compose controller design, system stage by stage, grain encloses hard dish of test, solid state (SSD) modular group is made, the catenary of modes of life and relation to their environment of complete memory industry such as be on sale and service, as numerous as industry famous manufacturer establishs strategic partner relationship.


He says, this violet optical storage is mixed group of couplet strategy collaboration, be catenary of zoology of memory of the violet smooth whole that propose form is important one annulus, the hope is passed through ” strong strong together ” , the innovation that promotes memory industry further develops, create greater value for both sides.



Memory supplies catenary to block a battle to leave dozen


Violet smooth group gets mainland government support, accelerate a quantity to produce a step, the Duan Feng after building compose actively to arrive from 0 component surveys the zoology chain that reachs systematic application, lend path and Taiwan collaboration, can quicken a pace more, include Na Mao, silicon to taste, arrive again group of couplet, Hui Rong, and life light, force becomes the memory index plant such as He Huadong, will join this to supply catenary to block a battle.


Violet smooth group gives aid to energetically in mainland government below, the Yangtse River below the banner stores and Wuhan new core rises abruptly quickly, will become the mainland first the fastest quantity produces 64 3D store model show memory quickly (NAND Flash) index factory.


From this year memory of the Yangtse River yields formally 38 3D NAND Flash begins, violet smooth group becomes a shareholder much home shows memory quickly to control chip company, come out for a time group of couplet also be in buy list, but bilateral price does not have negotiate all the time, do not cross group of couplet to also support the chip that the Yangtse River stores, assistance has a test, guide in IC chip blocks application then.


Group couplet signs strategic cooperation agreement this with violet optical storage, value the mainland to develop the business chance of own memory industry with all one’s strength namely. According to this agreement, both sides will deepen the collaboration that develops product of memory of production, sale and service level, make complete, efficient business chain, exert oneself develops innovation memory product jointly, cooperation develops global market.


Group Cheng Tan character of couplet president Pan Jian, cooperate through both sides, can develop resource and ability in the round complementary advantage, make the business modes of life and relation to their environment of win-win.


Supply catenary to point out, next year of violet smooth group will cross NAND Flash property formally, and the 3D NAND amount that next year second half of the year can enter 64 is produced, the pace is quite rapid, because NAND Flash must match,control IC ability is used, because this is violet,produce the target that can become group of couplet to cooperate first newly of the group solely.


Legal person points out, at present although NAND Flash price goes stage by stage drop, nevertheless next year second half of the year has an opportunity indebted wait at center of 5G, data and artificial intelligence store demand, make NAND Flash price stops drop pick up, group couplet also will pick up in demand below the circumstance, drive outstanding achievement dovish grow.


Violet light this hand in hand, whether to mean the memory that uses homebred core to leave come out closer?




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