Toshiba is rolled out use 96 3D to show the 1TB PCIe Gen3 X4 SSD that put

The Toshiba memory company that regards the whole world of memory solution as one of leaders announced to roll out BG4 series recently, this is a new sheet encloses NVMe SSD range of products, the capacity is as high as 1024 GB, the 96 3D Shan Cunhe that can offer innovation at the same time’s brand-new controller is in package of a software offer first-rate to read take property. BG4 series offers the sample with limited amount to PC OEM client only at present, predict to will be in later period of the 2nd quarter offerred sample 2019.

Toshiba memory

This one brand-new the sheet of series encloses SSD to use channel of PCIe Gen 3.0 X4, can offer be as high as 2, the order of 250 MB / S is read take property, shine through what improve those who put management to offer industry to precede is random read take property, highest can amount to 380, 000 IOPS. BG4 sheet encloses SSD to apply to compact model with the system that faces performance, be like computer of ultrathin PC notebook, content couplet net is embedded the server of system and data center is started.


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