To power source and radio frequency system, it is very important to enclose a technology

Recently, ahmad Bahai of officer of presiding technology of Stephanie Watts Butler of division of framework of innovation of technology of heart state apparatus and company and semiconductor are sealed measure service vice-president Devan Iyer to enclosed a topic to spread out to discuss, stephanie expresses, as the elapse of time, the crucial difference that encloses a technology to had made chip changes one of elements.


Anmad expresses, to integrated circuit, tall compositive spending is the objective that pursues from beginning to end, no matter be,waiting for a domain to electron of industry, car, individual, medical treatment electron is need compositive and more advanced intelligence and high-powered chip. To enclosing for, the challenge that different product faces is different, be aimed at for instancePower sourceProduct, how to achieve power density the biggest change; And in the light ofRadio frequencyFor parts of an apparatus, how to reduce parasitism effect through enclosing; How does other such as realize more I/O mouths; More sensor and IC photograph union, will integratedly look, the demand that encloses a technology is prompted respectively by a lot of different carrier in the industry.

Additional, adopt different form compositive, it is easier to make odd chip OK have more intelligence sex, optimize what more is aimed at specific utility parts of an apparatus compositive enclose in in, design through enclosing a technology to avoid complex single crystal circle ably.

Devan expresses, to enclosing for, important is from electric character angle analyses the characteristic such as hot, mechanical, dependability, ensure down-lead frame is optimized with what substrate designs, need to take seriously especially come loose to heat up and reduce parasitism effect. Use client angle from terminal for, what the client sees is enclose finished product and not be Die.

Devan continues say, different compose is so compositive but the main effect that core design thanks Devon in that, so you are being talked about really how the product that we are introducing us, from the point of the angle of the product, they become more and more complex, if the client wants to enter the market quickly, different compose is optimal solution, this also is the SIP system step that we say is enclosed, additionally one kind is brilliant round class encloses a technology.

Devan expresses, to power parts of an apparatus, although dimension narrows ceaselessly but the power of changeover did not decrease, because this comes loose hot problem is more severe, need passes top or bottom increases additional metallic carbon fin, come loose with helping a client solve hot issue. In addition, adopt this one technique, return the parasitism effect that can reduce interior of parts of an apparatus.

Ahmad expresses, influence gallium parts of an apparatus to brand-new nitrogen for, because its job frequency is taller, power is higher, unripe to sending effect, medicinal powder heat enclose a design to want special attention, besides enclose a form, more high-pressured material also is a when can change main factor.

In addition, include to install, include to use thicker cupreous column to replace the kind such as traditional down-lead, these also are enclosed innovation.

Altogether, enclosed technical development changes to happen in digital chip not only, include imitate to mix, the development of the product such as power source, among them one part element wants to be attributed to the innovation that encloses a technology.



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