To issue imagination of more of infuse of generation electric home appliances<gj

We everyday with man-machine interface (HMI) undertakes alternant. Wh some of which is clearly interactively, be in those who feel smartphone or flat computer for instance advocate screen when, but the commonnest HMI environment is to be in industrial application actually.

On each home appliance that hold this year and consumptive electron exposition, we discover more and more electric home appliances<gj (be like: Kitchen of robot of freezer, vacuum, cooking and take lampblack chance) added HMI to feel key and LED animation function. In this one trend drive, the product that stylist lets them through the alternant function with friendly user more intelligence is changed and modern.

And technology of capacitance type induction had very main effect to realizing afore-mentioned functions. When designing electric home appliances<gj, attention depends on mainly dependability, dovish sex and how to make the product has appeal more. Have the aid of is based on be close to the capacitance form that sends feeling and LED animation reference to design to touch accuse user interface, stylist can realize innovation function in electric home appliances<gj, set illume beforehand for example mode, lower bide one's time power comsumption and moistureproof function.

Should consult the design is used be based on CapTIvate™ to touch the individual MSP430FR2522 small controller that accuses technology and technology of advanced LED drive (MCU) , if pursue,1 is shown. 6 capacitance type feels I/O passageway to have specific use each. In this specific design, 3 are used at rotary table control, two are used at pushbutton, one is used at be close to an induction. Although be in,have splatter accurate control also can come true below the circumstance of grease or water.

<img alt="To issue imagination of more of infuse of generation electric home appliances

Graph 1: Capacitance type touchs the block diagram that accuses to be designed with LED animation reference

MSP430™Another advantage of CapTIvate MCU is it can enter mode of low power comsumption, bide one’s time power comsumption only a few small tile, conduce to contented product strict can effect standard or prolong battery life. Should consult the design is offerred be close to an induction, help MCU resumes active pattern easily from mode of low power comsumption quickly, the glow ring that takes LED animation was the user interface that appeal and innovation sex have in next generation facilities to provide very good example. When there should are splash drop or oil on cooking range face for example, it is very important to have perfect control to cooking range at any time. Of CapTIvate MCU bide one’s time power comsumption is very low, make design personnel to be able to satisfy highest energy-saving standard.

LP5569 LED driver deserves to have inside memory of buy safety random access (SRAM) memory, use at alignment of user process designing to mix 3 but engine of process designing LED. Use compositive engine, set mode memory to be in program memory beforehand, so that LED driver can move automatically,twinkle or color mode, this makes the systematic natural resources of the MCU when running LED animation takes up rate is low.

In be based on adjacent feeling measure and the capacitance form that LED animation reference designs is touched in accusing user interface, the user can use pattern of 3 kinds of jobs:

· is adjacent feeling measure mode: Should feel measure when be close to in one’s hand, circuit board will be waked up from Morpheus mode, and the active pattern that switch indicates to LED.

· own mode: Can choose the own mode that stores beforehand through key-press, if breathe (monochromatic or mixture color fade, fade out of) , angle (monochromatic or mixture color) , angle of two kinds of color (angle of a kind of color is based on another kind of color) or the mode of process designing of any stylist of other facial expression.

· controls mode: Control mode demonstrated an user how to control capacitance type to dial with finger, at the same time applied process offers feedback through LED annulus.

Depend on all these functions, next generation freezer or kitchen provide aux will be able to to detect quite when the person stands by equipment and wake up automatically. The user can touch the face gently with finger and control the setting such as temperature and illume. Seesaw pattern face plate uses different color and design to indicate all sorts of settings, be like: The power of the temperature of freezer compartment or furnace. A lot of other application processes can consult be benefited in the design from this, be like: Elevator, constant temperature implement, vacuum robot or have alternant type any other products of user interface.

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