The stage amounts to plan of whole of crucial foundation framework to make Wuhan face airport international progression to occupy a center

On May 7, 2018, “ of limited company of science and technology of 100 million big data faces Wuhan numerous dimension project of center of airport ” data is in Chinese start formally, the project always invests 13 billion yuan, will make the center of international 5A data with the largest area in Chinese China. Inside the time that is less than 6 months, the stage amounts to offerred integral solution to already finished 10 modular the deploy of data center, aid force to face project of first phase of airport data base successful and finishing, be about to receive include Baidu, love to surprise art wait for famous Internet enterprise into halt.

Deploy exceeds large-scale IDC to choose a stage to amount to center of data of prefab small module

Wuhan element has 9 provinces of “ to connect thoroughfare of ” say, the “ a poetic name of China that exert oneself makes Internet world is connected thoroughfare ” . In recent years, tycoons of large quantities of domestic and international Internet come in succession Chinese layout, wuhan is becoming the force of new fighting spirit of Chinese Internet domain. Among them, the area that Wuhan faces airport classics developing zone to lending Chinese economic geography the center the industrial dominant position of ” of base of security of network of nation of first “ of advantage and China, devote oneself to to make ” of harbor of industry of “ network safety, attracted numerous domestic and international well-known company to invest layout, the “ that by Wuhan numerous dimension limited company of science and technology of 100 million big data makes faces ” of airport data base to be namely among them one of fist projects, the scale of ark of 20 thousand machine will implement after building, collect a batch of outstanding Internet and Wuhan of industry business settle.

Face project of first phase of airport data base to be carried out formally since May 2018. The stage amounts to solution of offerred center of data of prefab small module, include: Ark of ark of distribution of UPS, tall compatible intelligence, high density machine, beforehand the machine ark coping that the project changes walks along infrastructure of center of system of keep within limits of line module, PDU, air current, data to run a system (DCIM) . Be aimed at demand of data base user, use gender, fast organizational system and green from Gao Ke respectively design of energy-saving tripartite face, have admirable enlarge to allow tall usability and gender, manageable sex.

Because associate with is traditional,the construction means of data center is existing cycle of can tall, usability difference, construction grows waste time wait for a problem, ” of “ small module makes data center new trend. The stage amounts to plan of center of data of prefab small module to should have matured, its advantage includes a plant compositive quicken field assembly in order to simplify with the test, ensure at the same time move to have foresight and reliability more. In the project scene that overlooks airport data base, the stage amounts to engineering personnel to need to undertake prefab module going all out simply installing only, berth of one by one went, each module and each internal composition of module follow the installation order of standardization. Mode of this kind of construction simplified project amount, reduced project difficulty, shortened construction time limit for a project, also reduced cost. In first phase project, the stage is amounted to already deploy computer room of 10 small module, 2318 machine ark and distribution computer room, run a system through data center infrastructure (DCIM)—-The temperature and humidity that InfraSuite Manager realizes pair of each computer rooms, accurate air conditioning is slack call the police, the monitoring of voltage resistor temperature of accumulator and early-warning of monitoring of voltage of UPS electric current. Finish entirely cost only be less than 6 months time, efficient approbate by the client.

Make IDC of international 5A class trust the stage amounts to exclusive new science and technology

The Internet “ that answers Hubei to save government and Wuhan municipal government links ” strategy greatly, face airport data base to be construction target with center of data of international 5A class, after building, will become China in the Internet data center with the largest area, accelerate wisdom city infrastructure to upgrade, contented arrive airport and even Wuhan town, China in the area is the most severe the network data of exacting serves a demand.

The “A” of center of data of international 5A class is representing: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Any-device, the abbreviate of Anything, specific it is to point to by the anybody of attestation accredit, be in any places that have a network, in any time, can use any terminal unit, the need that can consume application and data to go up in order to finish the job, study, life surely, this also is center of IDC(Internet data, the top level of Internet Data Center) .

And accompany those who follow a famous Internet industry to enter halt, face airport data base to will be answered super- huge data visit of the imagination, different network applies and break out a state. With electric business character, the “ that the whole nation fixes eyes upon double 11 orgiastic shopping section ” can have ten million level to visit quantity swarms into; and be opposite inside a minute video content provider, fast response speed, the fluent video of any hour broadcasts an experience, it is the challenge that serves to IDC.

Answer 5A class tall challenge, the stage is amounted to used it is only exceed the UPS of large-scale IDC design, DPH 500kVA series that introduces newest science and technology.

DPH 500kVA series is modular UPS, have “ ego to diagnose early-warning ” , “ to back up with complete module of energy-saving perfect balance ” , “ supreme power density designs redundant design ” and “ industry reliably the distinct advantage such as ” . The stage is amounted to accumulate by right of rich data experience, to the component that in-house the easiest ageing injures UPS, if the development such as capacitance, IGBT, fan studies, reach ” of password of its “ life. Can fill the position such as curve of discharge function, temperature and rotate speed change by right of its, judge its condition accurately and shift to an earlier date early-warning, change in order to realize seasonable rehabilitate, the last moment that makes UPS dangerous won’t come forever.

Regard specific power consumption as large family, exceed large-scale IDC to facing the carry dimension pressure of charge of electricity of a huge sum. The stage amounts to UPS of DPH 500kVA series to design function of dormancy of expensive reliable system, according to client load system every 30 seconds put out module of a power source to enter dormancy mode to achieve energy-saving goal, when encountering power supply trouble, the system can start module of UPS total power supply quickly inside 2 millisecond, enter working state, implementation is reliable with energy-saving perfect balance.

Outside the technique that eliminates above industry original creation, DPH 500kVA series still has industry the biggest 10 inches of feeling are comprehensive screen, whole module backup is redundant design, compatible supreme power density designs design of function of dormancy of design of temperature of design of monitoring of batteries of design of Tie Li battery, compatible monomer, compatible environment, module, 500kVA wait for banner science and technology. As modular the delegate of UPS, have look of odd frame enlarge and system and machine enlarge allows two kinds, the dependability that improves power supply system greatly and enlarge look plan are alternative, reduce earlier investment effectively. Industry power density is highest module is mere 3U is tall, convenient one person installation. It is 50KW enlarge look with power source module, stand-alone system arrives 600KW, can form the power supply system that is as high as 4800KW highest grade. Project of first phase of airport data base is faced in Wuhan in, share UPS of series of 51 DPH 500kVA to be thrown to use, offer reliable motive force to ensure for center of data of international 5A class.

The stage amounts to general manager of department of career of crucial foundation framework Dr. Cai Wenyin to express, the stage amounts to amount to to occupy provider of central infrastructure solution, offer for disparate industry user in the whole world small-sized, large and exceed large-scale data center. Taste function, industry besides outstanding yield outside the technology of optimal level, the research and development that depending on a stage to amount to banner whole world designs ability, need the specific characteristics that industry of sue for peace applies according to the client even, roll out the product plan that has industry feature more, be aimed at the UPS of DPH 500kVA series that exceeds center of large-scale IDC data for instance, have distinct advantage more than the competitor. Companion gains ground with each passing day as cloud calculative, the arrival of the times of arisen, 5G of big data, exceed extensive data center construction is arisen, the stage amounts to the successful experience that also occupies duplicate international progression the center, serve more user.

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