The place of pan of MEMS sensor the next can be car market

Above all, you thinkMEMSWhat do the 3 big application of sensor future include?


Car sensor 3 kinds big: Safe, engine management mixes comfortable applying

If there is market of “ car ” in your answer, that proves you were not in ” of blundering room of market “ echo echo what other says (echo room effect, figure ground reflected a kind of on gregarious nowadays media common phenomenon: Be repeated ceaselessly by people as a result of same point of view, exaggerated, the voice that hears doubt very hard accordingly) , of course, possible also you did not read headline carefully. Everybody knows, because the car is in,accuse drive ” transition to electrification “ line from traditional machinery, brought tremendous market opportunity for electronic market.

This means more and more sensor to will get applied in the car, accordingly, MEMS manufacturer is in for coming market upsurge ready-made.

But, the likelihood does not have cake to go up so quickly desk. Logic is no problem it seems that, but in fact, autumn was in no less than last year on “MEMS and ” of sensor summit meeting, chief analyst of IHS Markit of famous market research organization holds a few actual survey that Jeremie Bouchaud of senior inspector general offers MEMS and sensor concurrently. Really, inCar marketthis round in changing, need uses a lot of sensor, but is how many meeting having among them MEMS sensor (the sensor that is based on semiconductor even) ?


Is nowhere in MEMS?


Seek advice from the introduction according to Maimusi, the expression of MEMS parts of an apparatus in car domain is very good all the time. Safe gasbag is monitored with fetal pressing is first MEMS sensor large-scale application in car domain, push MEMS sensor from lack of power tall attrition business to mainstream market. But say according to IHS Markit, the MEMS sensor growth of car domain predicts will under other sensor. 2014~2024 year during, IHS Markit thinks of MEMS sensor compound year of increase rate (CAGR) for 3% , and the next category sensor that the platoon is before MEMS sensor (traditional negative temperature coefficient (NTC) hot sensor) compound year increase rate predicts to be 7% , other of a few sensor compound year of increase rate is higher, for example, radar can be amounted to 18% .


Car MEMS and sensor market pandect


Jeremie Bouchaud undertook by the market opportunity that uses pair of sensor fractionize is unscrambled, if you think all sensor will final change MEMS technology from traditional technique, so his analysis can bring a few sober knowledge to you.

Be in after realising be not all sensor actually is MEMS, already will originally “MEMS industry ” is classified more the name is “MEMS and sensor industry ” . But the key of research still is sensor of banner small measure semiconductor. For example, strictly speaking, such parts of an apparatus of sensor of Huo Er effect may not belong to MEMS, but they remain small measure, and also be make with silicon. The dimension that other is not made on brilliant circle and assembles is bigger, opposite more cumbersome macroscopical Electromechanical is unit, also there is no lack of bright future.

Current, the car can be divided according to the sensor demand of notable difference it is two kinds. Among them, one the most conspicuous kind is everybody drives automatically in what talk about car; Another kind (going up somehow with drive automatically to overlap or have be mixed) it is dynamoelectric or mixture motivation car.


Drive automatically inside the sensor in lighting a car

In traditional car to drive automatically in the process of development, a variety of sensor are erupting growth. Drive automatically in Level 2 class, exterior photograph take dominant place like head and radar, small measure radiation heat plan grows increasingly as optional sensor application; Drive automatically in Level 3 class, need railroad car interior is absorbed like head and lidar (LiDAR) ; Drive automatically with 5 class in Level 4 class, in the operation end will see inertial measure unit (IMU, namely the combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) , the sensor that system of entertainment of the member that multiply can use more possibility and carry out implement.


Drive automatically car sensor market is forecasted


Photograph belong to traditional sensor like head and radar, every car can apply many on different way. In addition, in numerous lidar competitor, also used conventional technology for the most part. In fact, the famousest use rotates the plan that lens reflex dashs beam of light, also move on macroscopical measure. Can be these sensor replaced by MEMS technology? Possible, but of IHS Markit forecast and do not decide, think only partial lidar can adopt MEMS plan.

Next, it is application what grow increasingly is small measure radiation heat plan. That what is small measure radiation heat plan? This is a kind of resistor hot sensor, working principle is the infra-red radiation that absorbs target object to give out, when causing heat quick material to produce temperature to change, the resistor of heat quick material also will produce change, in adscititious slant the electricity signal output with the corresponding generation below the action of buy, next reductive into picture news.

So, what concern do this and car application have? Resemble through exploring heat to become, small measure radiation heat plan can be used at car night to inspect, enhance the security of the drive a vehicle when suffocate suffocate of nocturnal occasional line of sight. But, small measure radiation heat plan is opposite cost is higher, accordingly, still be partial model only choose outfit function.



IHS Markit still listed additionally one kind uses at the new-style sensor that batteries charges: Sensor of magnetic flux door. Its job principle is those who be based on core material is nonlinear characteristic of magnetization, its sensing element is the core that tall magnetism conductance, easy saturated stuff makes, have two winding around this core: One is incentive coil, another is signal coil. Handing in become incentive below the magnetization action of signal, the guides magnetism character produces periodic saturation and blame saturation change of core, make give the signal of reaction outside magnetic field around the induction coil induction on core thereby.

All these sensor gained market opportunity in car domain, but they are not MEMS, and, look in IHS Markit at least, they appear and did not turn to the trend of MEMS. And, still a lot of macroscopical sensor still are well worth doing today.


Dynamoelectric with the sensor in mixture motivation car

Meanwhile, be in to dynamoelectric on the main street that turn, still have a few completely different sensor. IHS Markit is their cent 4 kinds big:


■ voltaic sensor
 – spreader (traditional)
 – Huo Er (semiconductor)
 – magnetoresistive (semiconductor)
■ temperature sensor
 – basically be NTC
■ positional sensor
 – rotate transformer (traditional)
■ commutator (carry out implement, is not sensor)
 – basically be Huo Er (semiconductor)

MEMS sensor controls medium application in car trends system


Where is the opportunity of MEMS?

So, prospective MEMS (with semiconductor) what does the likelihood application of sensor have? Is car field so at present promising to appearing to do not have MEMS?

Probably yes, but the field that at present still a few have perspective and a few demand that have not resolve, remain MEMS or semiconductor technology go sending force.

Rotate transformer can give place to magnetoresistive (MR) sensor, latter is smaller, cheaper. Sensor of open loop suddenly Er also can give place to MR, can ameliorate dimension and cost likewise. Through increasing CO2 sensor, can improve the easy inside railroad car to be controlled moderately.

Now, we had had corresponding sensor to detect the collision in motion, they still can be used explore slow fast (when the car that be like berth) or the collision when stopping, among them a target application is, batteries disconnects below the circumstance that in batteries insulation is damaged.

In addition, to dynamoelectric with mixture motivation car, need especially can the integrality of monitoring batteries. Improve batteries technology to be able to eliminate these requirement probably, but, can use sensor of pressure sensor or strain gauge, gas and smooth fiber sensor to ensure further batteries won’t put down carry pole with its load.

Accordingly, the MEMS technology to car domain (a kind of technology that is changing everything) , need has sober knowledge, MEMS future can change us choose the way that chooses to B from A, MEMS has the market opportunity of fast growth in a lot of domains, but, be in at least of IHS Markit in forecasting, the market still does not calculate current car to go up the golden mine of MEMS.


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