The look up before CES 2019: 8K displays screen, who will become 5G leading role?

Electron of consumption of CES 2019(international is exhibited) will hold in Las Vegas, will have more than 180 thousand person at the appointed time, company of 4400 science and technology assembles in Las Vegas. Only then achieve the CES(international electron 1967 to exhibit) had become global attention to spend exhibition of highest consumptive electron product gradually through so old development, the person that believe the CES 2019 this year won’t draw the attention of the whole world people disappointed, at the appointed time company of each old science and technology will bring brand-new product and technology, at the same time we also can from now on second the development trend that CES 2019 sees next year consumes electronic domain.


The pace of CES of a lot of company follow closely, this annual large stage reveals have the aid of oneself product technology. By a definite date 5 days exhibit meeting certainly will to also will attract the whole world the attention of media of each science and technology, postpone business to much ginseng for, this is their annual reveals platform the biggest. Go to company of numerous newly established from SamSung, greatly small company will appearance appear, contend for the eyeball that attracts everybody.

Of course, in recent years, the centre of gravity of CES has produced move. The news briefing that a lot of big companies choose to hold to belong to his completely will show his new product and new service. Meanwhile, CES also made corresponding change, wait through Eureka Park exhibit a stage to measure lesser company to provide a platform for body, raise car and traffic to give a product to be in at the same time extend the show share on the meeting.

Should exhibit the meeting is coming, now is time will see a few trends that beginning to show.

5G: In the application beyond the mobile phone



The brave dragon that connects the supportive 5G that rolls out recently high 855 processor will naturally affect all sorts of products that will release in Las Vegas. Fast hopeful achieves the net of 5G 1000 times of 4G LTE. This will make the thing that real time video of such as 4K sorts and so on becomes a possibility, this also conduces to promotion film viewing an experience apparently, also conduce to have long-range heart orthoptic operation.

Every theme speech will involve “ 5G. Lin Jia of case of · of platform of consumption of GlobalData of ” market research organization and A Wei of equipment research chief inspector is special (Avi Greengart) is forecasted. Arrive from intelligent family equipment car, arrive again notebook computer, the rate with next this kind of generation network rapidder technologies will be right equipment of network of couplet of avery kind of produces an effect.

Without doubt, 5G will be the focal place of CES. Business of mainstream shift operation has succeeded Nuo rolled out 5G network 2019, be being exhibited this so also can be superexcellent opportunity when hardware company undertakes spreading conduct propaganda. SamSung already announced plan and Verizon and AT&T are at the beginning of 2019 roll out 5G mobile phone, and LG criterion will roll out 5G mobile phone on the network of Sprint. However, 5G serves when just was rolled out cover range very will finite. The service of AT&T will be in only at first 19 markets are offerred, sprint also will roll out this new generation network in partial big city above all, the can that includes special zone of city of Atlanta, Chicago, Dalasi, Houston, los angeles, Newyork city, phoenix, Washington and Missouri Sa Sicheng.

The latent capacity of “5G is quite big, ” Microsoft partner holds channel sale chief inspector concurrently Dineishen · Nalayana (Dinesh Narayanan) expresses, it lets “ we have an opportunity to undertake innovating to hardware around it. If network join is unchallenged, perhaps won’t cause count a problem, how can be we designed arrive from high in the clouds the system of brim equipment? ”

Predict to will appear to come from the message of component manufacturer in great quantities, especially chip tycoon Intel. Connect high this month some earlier the company peak of moment is met went up to reveal its basically the product 2019, but without doubt, this company will use this to exhibit the opportunity of the meeting to continue to introduce case of a few detail to the outside, include to fall how will wireless technology push generation to wait for the equipment beyond the smartphone to content couplet net, car.

5G is in the part besides mobile phone domain, predict to will become a big event of current CES. AT&T of 4 business of big mobile operation, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint dedicated at revealing 5G this one faster technology will make us than allowing when to be awaited before easier receive Internet. This new generation network will be applied on various facilities, monitor to health from company level product kind can apparel equipment, live in equipment to intelligence again.

Future will be everything all from beginning to end on-line times.

AR and VR: Close from reality, only this just



Vuzix exhibits the Blade AR glasses that Alexa of a support revealed on the meeting in the CES last year, it can roll out a more delicate version very likely this year. Pico Interactive company will reveal his helmet of new fund 4K VR. HTC also will attend this to exhibit meeting, reveal its of Vive Pro of newest money helmet brand-new virtual reality experience.

“ looks from my mailbox Inbox, will a lot of people show intelligent glasses product, but do not have to be able to show itself, make product of next heavy pound. Gelinjiate weighs ” , the prospect that “ strengthens technology and virtual reality technology is very capacious, but at present, after we are in ballyhoo to pass, have not find practical with the phase of the exemple. ”

Although hardware issue has gotten settlement greatly, but what consumer needs is one adorns the reason of these equipment. The innovation of CTA and trend are advanced chief inspector this · Arnaud (Ben Arnold) says: “ present key is content support. How can be we just obtained on these platform enough much user, drive more investment truly thereby? ”

The trend that what cannot unless appear,foreknow, otherwise virtual reality (VR) basically can the arrival of east wind of sit back and wait, should let broad consumer accept still need time. Pass through the CES arena 2019, we may see incline to of virtual reality equipment is changed with independence at becoming more cheap, resemble Oculus Go in that way, but relatively, at present real to increasing skill is in most company short-term the latent capacity inside is interested more.

The future that enhances real near future can look from two respects. Most development staff is dedicated the function that will use the existing device such as smartphone and flat computer at using ARKit/ARCore. But the peripheral that support enhances reality already also began emerge in large numbers, for instance helmet equipment is mixed glasses. A lot of poineering company is trying to persuade us, enhancing reality is a kind of experience before we need to take it to us directly, the facility that because this predicts,can a lot of photographs close appears in current exhibit on the meeting.

Car: Can have CES pressed Detroit car to exhibit?



The place before be like is narrated, in a few years of in the past, car / traffic goes out to had made the more and more significant presence on CES arena all right. As car manufacturer people increase the investment that carries product side in technical breakthrough and consumptive electron in succession, car and relevant thing will greet one whole exhibition hall and speech of a few gist this year.

A lot of and fundamental trend has been in before CES of a year kicks off, show newly dew comes out. Like going a few years, predict each car manufacturer will undertake the spot of electric car and automatic road-sense respect demonstrates mainly. Include an explicit video inside enhance reality technology and include deliver goods robot inside small-sized carriage product, will become this to exhibit the one large window of the meeting.

Normally the circumstance falls, car manufacturer can use Las Vegas’ grand meeting to show their skill, conspicuous new model or notional car stay in Mixiegen the car of the city exhibits aspirant travel first time to reveal.


▲ 2020 Meisaidesi – run quickly EQC predicts to will go up to appear on American market first in CES

But the case that always has exception: Predicting Meisaidesi will be on the CES this year rollout its CLA class car, its EQC dynamoelectric SUV also appears on first time in the United States. We also may see day produces the issuance of Leaf E-Plus electric car. Ao Di predicts to will reveal its new car to hold recreational system, this cropland shows robot product will morely. Meanwhile, feng Tian, Korea is contemporary and do obeisance to vacate (Byton) plans to hold a press conference in CES, predict to be connected high, Ying Weida and other firm also will issue the announcement related to the car.

Intelligence lives in: More and more intelligence



Intelligence lives in dominant last year exhibit meeting. 5G predicts to will win this one title this year, but couplet net lives in a product also won’t easily give the impression of weakness.

On the CES last year, gu Ge popularizes Google Home of Google Assistant of subordinate intelligent speech assistant and intelligent sound box energetically, reveal adequately compatible the Google Assistant of equipment of tens of paragraph intelligence household. This year exhibit on the meeting, they will nowhere is absent, everywhere can be in. Arrive from door lock camera, the clock that goes up to microwave oven and wall again, all sorts of product equipment will greet intelligence to change version.

This is an almost all company will the product category of sortie, no matter be big company or small company. Nevertheless, guiding what the industry grows a tendency will be the tycoon of science and technology that two permeability raise continuously. Since Yamaxun and Gu Ge Echo of will respective product of intelligent sound box and Google Home are pushed to the market since, CES has become two companies’ increasingly main to exhibit meeting. Predicting Alexa and Google Assistant will be omnipresent, enclothe CES to exhibit all sorts of products on the stage to go up.

Additional, predicting manufacturer people the artificial intelligence that emphasizes these equipment backside will morely, and how will these intelligent technologies let all these equipment work in coordination. What profit can speech assistant bring to consumer?

I do not know “ whether had we found such very much using exemple, but I know people hopes equipment is in the home can mutual and compatible cooperation. The Arnaud say of ”CTA.

Enterprise will (perhaps say should) the privacy protection that emphasizes its intelligence living in equipment and security; predict these companies to will emphasize, their product won’t pry your privacy, also won’t let others know what you do in the home.

The Nalayana of Microsoft expresses: “ nowadays, these equipment enter the family of people in so many place, so many entrance, what we should think is, how to ensure oneself had protected them to the greastest extent? ”

Smartphone: Greet but the original design such as fold



Nowadays, the news briefing that more and more companies choose to make preparations single-handed through oneself announces major news. Additional, be apart from mobile world plenary session (the time that MWC) kicks off to still have a many month, and well-known, this meeting makes a lot of smartphone manufacturers opposite did not take the arena of CES seriously so.

Nevertheless, predict the meeting on current CES has mobile phone of a few 5G to appearance appear. Although CES 2019 won’t be become possibly but fold is flexible a watershed that the smartphone did not come to screen, but our aux will be able to more close quarters ground understands Rou Yu science and technology (of Royole) but the final version of fold screen mobile phone. Predict to also will many manufacturers are revealed respective but fold smartphone concept, the product with final even if still needs ability of period of time to give heat formally.

2018 is a smartphone industry is the hardest in recent years year. because such, a lot of companies feel pressure, need undertakes a few ego meditate, need does the design of good product afresh. Exhibit this meet us can see a few interesting product concepts from which to major general.

Notebook computer: Smaller, faster, more powerful

Nalayana says, personal computer will become more like the smartphone. To achieve this one goal, microsoft with partner joint development but from beginning to end the couplet net, notebook computer that needs to fill report only everyday. “ thinks the mobile phone has many powerful, task of how many computation transfers a mobile phone. On notebook computer, people also will want to gain the experience with this kind of general mobile phone. ”


▲ HP Envy X2

The dragon of new fund brave that before connecting a year high, releases (Snapdragon) 8cx chip can bring time of longer batteries add boat and stronger join sex, but personal computer manufacturer was not used extensively tardy however. Look from industry to the evaluation of HP Envy X2, the 4G LTE function of the buy inside this jotter and time of batteries add boat suffer quite reputably, but its bad performance is disappointing.

“ from beginning to end the concept of couplet net ” is outspread also arrived on game system, microsoft is letting a player in try every means can easily direct seeding their game process. Nalayana says: We are pondering over “ how to can let while the player is playing game, still can start shed media direct seeding, because this has become very important. ”

Can apparel equipment: Healthy element grow in quantity, gymnastical element decreases



The electrocardiogram monitor of Apple Watch 4 of malic intelligence watch (the aggrandizement Morpheus of the equipment such as ECG) , Fitbit Versa is tracked wait for a function, the mark wears can apparel the change of equipment: They evolve into the equipment that is the health that pays close attention to you in the round more from dinkum gymnastical equipment. If see what more and more companies reveal them can apparel,equipment can let you look better not only, still can let you live weller, also do not want to surprised.

Track equipment as basic health you can find already commercial —— easily the product of 15 dollars will calculate well and truly manufacturer of your equipment of pace number —— is presenting a direction of two kinds of development: Or goes specialization course, make the watch that the price does not poor in the light of little numerous movement, for instance Suunto He Jiaming (Garmin); or takes healthy course, include inside buy from let you know whether you are put in hypertensive problem to arrive remind you your family member is in the home all sorts of functions of trip.

Gelunjiate says: “ exhibits meeting admiral to be able to have a lot of already eccentric interesting can apparel equipment. Wh some of which is fitness kind equipment, but will be facilities of true medical treatment health more very. ”

Company of Morpheus science and technology also should be met this year exhibit there is stronger presence to feel on the meeting. The company such as Fitbit been studyinging diagnostic Morpheus breathes the method that suspends syndrome, but it is better to still do not have a kind of product to be able to help you obtain really at present nightly rest.

3100 chip will give the brave dragon that Gao Tongxin rolls out to go up in more intelligent watch now. This chip can bring better performance and time of longer batteries add boat.

Television: Bigger, clearer, brighter, can bend more



The “The Wall”MicroLED TV of ▲ SamSung is exhibited in the CES 2018 appear first on the meeting.

The progress of MicroLED and OLED technology will make the television becomes bigger, clearer. Last year, what SamSung rolled out 146 inches is large wall hung television, and LG rolled out 65 inches can curve OLED television. Try to surmount each other again as these two companies, predict this kind of product will greet iteration.

According to Peng Bo the company reports, although last year can curving screen TV is an archetypal machine only, but this year exhibit on the meeting, LG should show a congener product that you can buy actually. This means you when watching TV, won’t a huge black diamonds holds a big wall.

The MicroLED technology of SamSung should be mixed can morely with LG face plate of;MicroLED of competition of OLED TV front is likewise frivolous and colorful, but brighter on the technology, the price is cheaper also.


The Q900 8K TV of ▲ SamSung began shipment 2018.

Those televisions predict to also be met it seems that more clear. Although 8K technology still is in,start level, but 8K television should be met increase sharply. These resolution of next generation TV resemble element for 7680×4320, be 4K TV is fourfold. But the real reason that consumer should be interested in these TV is not resolution. In “ long-term and character, the real benefit of 8K television is brightness, gelinjiate points out ” , TV of “ part 8K may become very bright, bring wonderful dynamic range. This means ” explosive setting looks more can intense, and dark setting looks more dark.

Come 5 years, each company is showing 8K TV set all the time. This year, manufacturer people although relevant content supplies a likelihood to cannot catch up with,will treat this technology —— seriously.

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