The company will give these IC newly established to brought new breath 2019

Recently two years, if emerge in large numbers of the ground like emerge comes out,Chinese IC designs newly established company, more than China, the amount of newly established enterprise inside global limits is likewise considerable, be in especiallyImitateIC domain, because chip of logic of unlike of degree of its market forestall and memory is so tall, gave newly established enterprise more development spaces, and the development of the burgeoning application such as content couplet net expanded to give imitate IC likewise, especiallyMEMS, SensorVast development space, accordingly, its are forming the situation that let a hundred flowers blossom inside global limits.


Global semiconductor industry passed the rapid growth that goes a few years, arrived at a platform period, industry forecasts the increase rate of entire 2019 industry generally to be able to glide apparently. Below such setting, newly established enterprise should face more challenges, so, between enterprise of numerous imitate IC newly established, have what latent capacity, can there be the show that grabs an eye 2019? Did for everybody now a few forecast.



Listed below company of 20 newly established, these companies are thought red-blooded, and the outstanding achievement performance inside perpendicular industry is relatively superior. Among them, having 9 companies is to go up newly of a list of names posted up, they replaced 9 in 20 companies of a list of names posted up on last year.


Enter a member newly to include active the company that creates at MEMS and imitate, and the imitate IP that comes from digital EDA, feeling, image, lidar and medical treatment are passed feeling.



The initial order that these 20 poineering companies press a name under is arranged.


8power (British Cambridge): This company was mixed by the Ashwin Seshia of professor of small system technology of Cantabrigian university in January 2015 other a few associate found jointly, aim uses the parameter syntonic oscillatory energy that is based on MEMS technology to collect a technology in research and development.


Advanced Hall Sensors (England is Mancunian): This company founds by Professor Mohammed Missous, aim to develop magnetic induction arsenic of effect of quanta trap suddenly Er to influence gallium parts of an apparatus, this company says already shipment product of 15 million sensor.


AerNos (California Santiago): Held water 2016, devote oneself to to use the research and development of impure material and sensor of accept rice technology, can billion the level of 1/0 detects at the same time body mixes a variety of gas carrier gas to break sexual organic compound easily. Its sensor material includes line of rice of canal of carbolic accept rice, accept and polymer.


AnDapt (why does California emperor fill in) : This is a company of mill of the circle that do not have brilliant that established 2014, rolled out a series of can configure IC, they joined power MOSFET, imitate and digital circuit, can use at founding all sorts of power source circuit.


Cambridge Touch Technology (CTT, british Cambridge): This company held water 2012, it is to face the 3D that consumes electron, car, industry and martial market many a little bit to touch charge technical supplier. CTT passes IP, Know-how, , imitate and digital technology, and systematic framework is mixed for its OEM supply catenary client to provide support.


CanSemi Technology (Chinese Guangzhou): This company on December 26, 2017 start working round factory of brilliant of a 300mm, the plan invests 1 billion dollar to build brilliant round plant in Chinese Guangzhou. Allegedly this company is not having the investment of company of brilliant round mill in the assemble, in order to offer inside buy client group capital. It is reported, before in core international (SMIC) presiding apparitor Richard Chang heads this project. This factory predicts to will throw operation 2019. Finishing hind, this costs 7 billion yuan of RMBs (add up to 1 billion dollar about) the factory will produce circles of 40 thousand 12 inches of brilliant every months, year sales revenue estimation amounts to 3 billion yuan of RMBs, after full load runs, year battalion closes can achieve 10 billion yuan of RMBs.


Cista Systems (why does California emperor fill in): Held water 2013, developed sensor of image of much money CMOS, acting labour creates the platform of technology of 0.13 micron BSI that its product basically develops independently by Chinese SMIC.


E-peas Semiconductors (Belgian Mont-Saint-Guibert) : This company held water 2014, the sources of energy that its announced to roll out a money to use Yu Guangfu and pyroelectricity energy to collect manages chip. Its wish scene be content couplet net is solved to use difficult problem in two respects, come true namely through increasing collection energy and the energy that reduce circuit to use up.


Hanking Electronics (Chinese Shenyang) : This company held water in April 2011, it is the MEMS company that person of one family property funds, also be the subsidiary of group of Chinese gold industry. Hanking Electronics is dedicated at development, make and sale MEMS product and relevant electron component. It offers design and development for the client, production treatment, batch production, acting labour serves MEMS, MEMS sensor, MEMS is carried out implement, ASIC, MEMS technology and application seek advice from a service also is its specialty.


Innoviz Technologies (Israel Kfar Saba) : This is a company that to drive automatically the car develops lidar sensor, founded 2016, 9 million dollar raised money in A annulus financing, b annulus was finished in October 2017, financing amount reachs 73 million dollar, the proponent includes SamSung Catalyst and SoftBank Ventures Korea. This company by Israel information unit before the member founds, its had worked in many poineering company and transnational corporation.


Menlo Microsystems (California Er bay) : This company held water 2016, aim to handle general and electric power technology of MEMS micro-gap switch to push to the market. This company claims, its handle the ability that is as high as kilowatt power to make its can apply at instrument of family of batteries management, intelligence, electric car, medical treatment to mix wireless base station.


Movellus (why does California emperor fill in): This company held water in April 2014, dedicated at using a number design and tool of test and verify realize imitate circuit function, had rolled out corresponding product. .2018 year in May, movellus announces to already got the investment that comes from Er of Yu Ying spy, but specific figure is not public.


NuVolta Technologies (Pi Dasi of California rice Er) : This is wireless charge chip company, had owned multinomial chip design, rolling out custom-built chip with smartphone company cooperation at present. This company held water 2014, by 6 engineers composition, among them much person comes from heart state apparatus.


Prophesee AS (French Paris) : This company held water 2014, development is based on asynchronous to inspire the machine vision sensor of computer vision like element sensor technology and biology. Such system can be aimed at low power comsumption, tall dynamic limits and low data rate to undertake optimizing. Prophesee already was produced with day – Reynolds group establishs strategic collaboration relationship.


Senbiosys SA (Swiss accept Sha Taier) : This company was 2017 from technical institute of federal of mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (EPFL) tear apart come out, it developed a kind of chip, can use draw of wave of photoelectricity cubage pulse to write down art (Photoplethysmography, PPG) with flight time (ToF) signal will measure heartbeat and aerobic level. This chip returns measurable ambient light.


SmartSens Technology (Chinese Shanghai) : This company held water 2011, it is the supplier of CMOS image sensor. It sets group of research and development in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, passed ISO attestation, for safety and monitoring, consumption kind, car and market of other people application offer CMOS image sensor. This company permits an agreement at was being signed with IBM 2018.


Thalia Design Automation (Cambria Cwmbran) : By Micrel before CAD project manager was founded 2011, developing EDA tool, this tool uses the behavior algorithm of nature to optimize imitate and mixture signal function and power comsumption quickly. This company developed design of Amalia imitate circuit to optimize implement with Emera power parts of an apparatus the design is optimized implement.


Tikitin (Finland dust Si Bo): This company was 2016 tear apart from VTT of Finnish research organization come out, this research organization raised money 3 million euro (about 3.7 million dollar) , use at supporting the development of MEMS resonator technology. Tikitin says its are the first company that rolls out MEMS resonator, can adopt as same as quartz circuit drive, come true thereby cite a base compatible replace. Its MEMS technology is based on nitrogen to change the aluminous character that suppress report.


USound GmbH (Austrian case pulls Ci) : The company held water 2014, developed platform of a kind of the MEMS that suppress report that is used at MEMS miniature loudhailer. This company has grown to be based on MEMS, the frequency company with more extensive dabble, mix to increase virtual reality application development special earphone, and 3D frequency and sound system reference are designed.


Wiliot (dagger of California emperor alternate) : This company held water 2017, it is company of semiconductor of factory of a circle that do not have brilliant, by a flock of engineer composition, the company ——Wi-Fi precursory Wilocity that assumes office before them, was connected high to buy 2014. Wiliot is preparing to develop a kind to come by the energy that collects from inside radio wave the blue tooth chip of drive, provide passive SoC platform for market of content couplet net thereby.




The arrival 2019, make 5G, content drives couplet net, automatically and pure report motor-car leaves us close one pace, this gives a lot of medium or small semiconductor company provided vast development space. Above the delegate that enterprise of newly established of chip of these 20 imitate is them, be worth us to pay close attention to continuously.



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