The center of data of marine wire cable of this radiate southeast Asia — the stage is amounted to go to!

Serve in high in the clouds all in all today, the position of network infrastructure appears very essential. More and more terminal users begin to use submarine cable to improve the cosmopolitan join between data center.

Headquarters is located in the Campana group of Singapore, live to aid the terminal consumer of area of force southeast Asia to enjoy more substantial number, building join Singapore and Burmese the biggest high speed data in project of cable of sea floor of international of central corridor ——MYTHIC, choose Tai Dayun to move series container type data center, in order to assist the node of the long-range data center that in “ the terminal consumer of last kilometer ” visits it quickly.

Can gain the favour of Campana, loading the crucial node of center of data of marine wire cable, tai Dayun moves series container the advantage of type data center nots allow small gaze.

Construction cycle is short

The stage amounts to container data center to satisfy the brim operation requirement of high maneuverability not only, more have complete data center function, include power supply, air conditioning, monitoring, air current management, and even each systems such as layout, conduit, all conformity is in 20 feet or the container of 40 feet, developed adequately modular the advantage of the design. Compare the construction cycle of conventional data center two years, the stage amounts to container data center to build cycle the shortest need several weeks only.

High grade green can effect expression

In respect of specific power consumption, the stage amounts to container data center to pass completely prefab, check the configuration with whole program beforehand, can contented client the installation demand of all sorts of tall maneuverability. All subsystem, be like: Ark of UPS, distribution, batteries, air conditioning, machine all height is integrated, although be in of 30% carry gently below, UPS also can be offerred of 95% efficient, year average PUE is worth <1.43, can amount to level of grade of Green Grid gold.

Safeguard convenient

It is the carry dimension burden of the person that reduce operation, container data center also has a stage to amount to InfraSuite Manager of DCIM management system at the same time, can offer include: The environment is monitored, the crucial information such as analysis of management of electric power, air conditioning, security, forms for reporting statistics, data and IT conformity, have effective program and government thereby, make correct and decision-making.

The environment gets used to ability strong

The stage amounts to container data center to adopt the specification of standardization, strong to comfortable stress of the environment, can use at any geographical environments almost, be in especially a few harsher environment, or the area with fundamental more backward construction, the stage is amounted to can offer a guest to make the IP that change defend grade, can reflect its adequately more easily deploy and used characteristic. Provide “ whole pay, the close service of ” of Plug and Play.

In recent years, solution of container data center already made the optimal choice of center of brim operation data and computer room of lash-up calamity equipment, wide accept for the market, had made a trend that data center develops even in abroad. The stage is amounted to be in early began to provide container data center namely 2007, have center of data of container of Chinese head home to produce dock, offer standard and guest to make change product sale to come area of and other places of Australia, southeast Asia, the whole world already consign hundreds. Through Campana sea floor the success of cable project is carried out, the stage amounts to the applied model that makes container data center successfully again.

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