The Bluetooth of attestation of CEVA classics SIG? Mesh IP wins the 10th design to adopt

Driving client adopts the industry that shows CEVA faces equipment of network of couplet of low power comsumption to precede combination of product of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth has persistent development and growth power

CEVA, IP accredit permits the intelligence with banner whole world and platform of processing of interconnection equipment signal and artificial intelligence processor manufacturer (Na Sida overcomes stock exchange code: CEVA) announces, the blue tooth of RivieraWaves feebleminded bad news of classics Bluetooth®SIG attestation (BLE) Mesh IP reachs important milestone, already accredit permits the 10th client, these clients all are using Mesh standard to undertake all sorts of using exemple and applied design.

Andrew Zignani of ABI Research senior analyst comments on: “Mesh has unique character, make blue tooth technology can be successfully on smartphone, PC and flat computer play action, make the crucial technology of intelligent household and market of floor space automation. Intelligent illume and intelligent environment control already were proved to be fundamental application, systematic operation business takes MESH(Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh) of blue tooth of feebleminded bad news seriously very much but expansibility, dependability and security. ”

The RW-BLE-Mesh of CEVA is comprehensive Mesh software stack, but IP of blue tooth of as feebleminded as the RivieraWaves of CEVA bad news is used together. This stack offers all and necessary layer according to Mesh application standard, include broadcast (Advertising) and GATT bear the weight of layer (layer of GATT Bearer) , network, transmission layer, receive layer of model of layer and base. RW-BLE-Mesh supports a variety of parts, relay for example node of node, feebleminded bad news, friendly neighbor node (Friend Node) and GATT representative server.

CEVA vice-president holds Aviv Malinovitch of general manager of branch of wireless connection business concurrently to express: The blue tooth Mesh IP of “CEVA classics attestation obtains the market to be approbated extensively, to this we are very glad. Had been proved to the strong demand of Mesh, especially systematic manufacturer people the compulsive requirement that labels supportive Mesh next generation intelligence to live in equipment of content couplet network. Of the IP of blue tooth of feebleminded bad news with MESH and our banner market without seam compositive also be the value that our client values. ”

About IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth

The platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth of CEVA was join of double standard of blue tooth of feebleminded bad news and blue tooth to offer comprehensive solution. The software agreement inn that every platform all abounds by controller of base band of a hardware and a function is comprised. Platform has agile wireless interface, OK and compositive RivieraWaves RF or the RF IP of all sorts of partners, realize the optimal choice of acting factory and craft node thereby. Platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth supports all blue teeth 5 functions, include rate of LE 2Mbps data, Sunday run and LE advertisement to expand. Up to now, platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth already crossed 1.5 billion with Yu Chao already shipment equipment and tens of home accredit allow a firm, extensive deploy is in the semiconductor company that acquires a lot of worlds to precede and OEM manufacturer in consumer goods and IoT equipment, include computer of smartphone, flat, loudhailer, head Daishi and earphone of type of pleasant to hear, Acousticon and other can apparel equipment.

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