The artificial intelligence actual strength of Gu Ge and Microsoft which are strong?

Microsoft and Alphabet of cereal song parent company all learn domain of software of this one forward position to act important role in the machine. Dan Gu’s singer is grasping the TensorFlow of machine study frame with the most popular instantly, let its hold a dominant position in the competition with Microsoft.

Microsoft and Gu Ge

The stock of Microsoft and Alphabet goes likeness of whacking of situation it may be said: This year drop identical, grow circumstance likeness, market prise and appraise are worth also similar.

2 choose the word of one, which can you choose?

These two companies are outstanding company, random is credible alternative. The difference —— that oversight both controls an aspect in battalion for example, one comes from operating system software, one comes from advertising Wu —— you can discover they all hold dominant position in software ecosystem. In this respect, microsoft and Alphabet all own powerful cloud computation business, this learns in the machine one current in the mainest computational software field, these two companies are to get the person that run.

However, the cereal song department below Alphabet banner can say to just faced Microsoft to hold in a few windward.

This year in September, the market prise of Microsoft is 751 billion dollar, exceeded 707 billion dollar of Gu Ge, year goes up achieve 13% , and Alphabet dropped about 4% . The anticipation of two companies city is filled with rate is similar, microsoft (19 times) than Alphabet (22 times) a bit cheaper. Very apparent, compare with the integral state photograph of the market, these two stocks are quite expensive. Gu Ge’s battalion receives growth phase to be opposite faster, predict to grew 19% 2019, and the 2020 money of Microsoft year battalion restrains growth for 11% .

In the final analysis, this one difference between two companies depends on the development state of affairs of cloud business. Microsoft has dimensions, but it is so important that the position that it holds in developer community may be done not have relatively.

Machine study is the most fundamental trend in current process designing. Pass machine study, the computer can connect mode of the extraction in associate data to form a few code automatically.

These two companies and Yamaxun are calculated in respective cloud the deploy in business machine study tool. Scale accepts in battalion, the Azure cloud service of Microsoft is regarded as to be next to Yamaxun’s AWS normally, the platoon still lags behind in Google Cloud of tertiary cereal song a lot of. But as a result of Microsoft and Gu Ge all the battalion of business of cloud of not specific exposure accepts a case, because this is both between compare and not quite rigorous.

Nevertheless, OK and affirmative ground says, their cloud business is the main asset that two companies are attracted and network of nerve of tarry machine study develops personnel.

However, gu Ge has compose to build machine study to apply the control of the “ frame ”TensorFlow with the most important program to counterpoise. Frame is a group beforehand the code that compose proposes, software development staff can use these code medley program, and need not begin to write code from the beginning. Current, tensorFlow is the mainstream frame that is used at machine study.

It is not frame of exclusive a machine study, in fact, microsoft also has his a few main products. They include Infer.NET frame and ” of kit of acknowledge of Microsoft of the “ that be called (Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit) frame. These two frame are used at developing a lot of and interesting project by development staff.

But, a large number of works that developer encounters on machine study are completed through TensorFlow; What perhaps develop through the company beyond Microsoft is a few otherer frame will finish, come from the “PyTorch” of Facebook of gregarious network tycoon for instance; Original development divides the frame “Caffe” of school at California university Berkeley; And the new project that is based on these program development, come from the homonymic frame of of san Francisco poineering company for instance.

Microsoft will open up October endowment 7.5 billion dollar buys developer community GitHub trade also a bit did not change this kind of condition. The success or failure of machine study frame depends on the forehead their advantage and inferior position, and whether do they get the support with wide developer. Even if owns the most popular process designing library, gitHub also won’t change development staff to learn the choice on frame in the machine.

The control advantageous position of frame is crucial, gu Ge also is in all the time base oneself upon at TensorFlow use on. They are run in cloud business in the custom-built chip that uses own research and development. Its are custom-built chip name is Tensor Processing Units (abbreviation “TPU” ) , had made the silicon chip of a kind of forward position, gu Ge is calculated in its cloud these chip were supplied in the service. TPU and TensorFlow software photograph are united in wedlock, mean Gu Ge to have the assorted fist of chip and software, this is it at present relatively Yu Wei’s weak dominant position.

TensorFlow expands shift is calculated already quickly domain. In this domain, the Android operating system below banner of cereal song have the aid of holds dominant position in global limits, and Microsoft criterion feels without what existence. Last year in November, a research that comes from Beijing University and Microsoft to be released in the researcher of the research organization of Beijing shows, it is among the shift application with Android the most popular platform, there is a half to use TensorFlow, “TFLite” in the developer that use machine learns (the TensorFlow boy market that Gu Ge establishs technically for mobile equipment) or “ncnn” (the framework that Tecent establishs) . On the machine study application that carries in shift, the code of Microsoft can say to be without existence to feel.

Whole machine learns a domain to remain a very new field, still be in level lays first. Future it still can appear a lot of innovation, lead dominant position of Gu Ge will be contractible as the elapse of time, and even disappear. A of Microsoft interesting act is, it calls “ one kind ” of exchange of open nerve network in support (Open Neural Network Exchange, abbreviation ONNX) thing, as the elapse of time, this kind of thing may reduce the development staff dependence to individual frame.

Time can tell us the answer, meanwhile, the core tool field that the Gu Ge of Alphabet is using at the most most advanced application process to develop a type is banner Yu Wei is soft. Because this stock of this company is worth detain,note.




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