Technical article, NB-Iot and LoRa smoke feel solution advantage analysis

Accompanying the couplet of “ sky content that goes up in cloud dwell congress in ALoRaAfter station ” tremendous aeroboat becomes new Jin Wanggong, we also accelerate the period that entered interconnection of everythings on earth, and congress of Iot of the closest millet, it is to call the catchword that gave ” of new era of interconnection of wisdom of “ everythings on earth more. And as had mixed LoRaNB-IotThe independent type smoke in real product of application feels, its did not develop direction affecting the heart of countless people.


At present in our country economy grows quickly today, population density rises ceaselessly, fire is to happen in the residence mostly or the place with concentrated personnel, the cause that causes fire happening basically has the following:


Unmanned value guards store;


Without call the police output and linkage are other fire control equipment;


Pull electrical wiring in disorder, illicit build chaos to build, circuit ageing is serious;


The environment closes, fire control establishment is pallet.


Be aimed at a few pain spot of above, the settlement of LoRa and NB-Iot following plan institute show way:


  1. Lora solution wears composition of a picture




  1. NB-Iot solution wears composition of a picture




Very apparent, from above two block diagram can see both a few distinction basically, so next we are analysed from respective advantage.


  1. The advantage that LoRa smoke feels

Suit the bureau region deploy inside certain limits;


Him need is built base station;


Agreement demesne, data security




  1. The advantage that NB-Iot smoke feels


Without the limitation of space and distance, suit vast region deploy;


Base the station is built by operation business, the user needs to pay transmission fee only can (can analogy gets online for mobile phone 3/4G) ;


Wide enclothe, huge join, lower power comsumption




The power that ZLG turns intelligence blends in LoRa and NB-Iot, offer systematization solution, pass dedicated implementation major, focusing force makes an earnest wish, offerred high quality module program for the industry.


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