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Drive automaticallyThe occurrence of car and interconnection car checked a domain to raise taller requirement to wireless join, especially the car that automobile industry is pursueing arrives everythings on earth (V2X) technology. Technology of this forward position will allow implementation each other is connected between car, and master circumjacent and true path besides, ensure first-rate drive a vehicle is safe thereby. If where to drive automatically,ensure V2X technology is infallible, it is a crucial question. Lars Foged of abbreviation MVG) chief scientist expresses under French Microwave Vision Group (, on-the-spot communication checks V2X technology to had spread out inside global limits, however, be measured through combining aerial and method of aftertreatment software simulative, a few costly, have a risk and expatiatory test can be replaced. What this wants the adjacent and true condition that discuss next namely is fictitious drive test technology (VDT- Virtual Drive Testing) .


V2X technology requirement is complete and accurate test


V2X technology corresponds through making car and other vehicle and its environment undertake, heightened the car perception to surroundings. It expanded car to other vehicle (V2V) , network (V2N) , pedestrian (V2P) with infrastructure (V2I) the ability that deliver and harvests information. V2X technology offers the posture perception of higher level, enhance road security and traffic efficiency.


Drive automatically


Accident that American Pittsburgh near future produces, the company that causes to offer a taxi to serve is urgent stopped to check to drive automatically on highway the project of the car. This the accident reminds people automatic road-sense still is in experiment phase, the manufacturer inside industry still is searched in effort ensure the method of its stability.


Be in before long in the future, major car will be become drive automatically. If people wants to depend on this technology, with respect to the absolute safety that must ensure they are used. Accordingly, industry Wu begs the car to realize complete and accurate wireless join to check as soon as possible, include V2X communication test.


Aerial: The sensor of extraordinary!


V2X technology is relied on super- fast answer and reliable wireless join, and this depends on again mix adroitly the antenna of high-end nicety.

Actually, wireless join checks the car to still be in primary level at present. Car manufacturer all the time aerial, include radar, regard the fittings like the camera of transcribe video as: In car the design works final phase, need to buy only and install can. As semi-automatic or full automatic drive the occurrence of the car, manufacturer begins to realise the antenna that uses to place in car design initial stage undertakes the test is indispensable crucial step.


Drive automatically


Why should have a test in the beginning of design? Before the car on installation, aerial can change because of the environment and produce the change of function, in other words, same antenna installs the position that differs in even if appreciably, check what generation differs the result, the immediate environment that because the function of aerial depends on greatly,its are in. This shows, small to the car some is specific part, big the importance to antenna of the test on whole car.


To fictitious drive the travel before the road of the test


Long-term since, wireless join communication basically transmits beam to come true through the static state. Nowadays, v2X communication uses 5G, use quick look to accuse an antenna, exceed through getting used to beam to communicate oneself mix reliably quick information. Accordingly, aerial needs installation to check on car not only, should have a test in environment of “ dynamic ” at the same time, for instance effective way besides, so that beam of test and verify is mixed,receive the adaptability of catenary. This is “ fictitious drive test ” . The challenge that current industry faces has two sides:

• The antenna that affirms installation to go up in car is consulting be run in the environment

• Provide the capability that founds fictitious test environment, how to undertake interacting with the other car in complex environment with imitate car


If the digital antenna model of car is usable, newest software research and development will allow true imitate. However, so far, if aerial is,by tripartite manufacturer development comes out, aerial builds a model is very complex normally and it is confidential, digital antenna model is obtained very hard. Good news is, current, measure through aerial can establish mathematical numeric model, use its on car thereby local environment measures aerial, the result that these direct and compositive measurement is in in the aftertreatment of simulation software. This is the technical breakthrough of automobile industry be on the tiptoe of expectation.


Come so, aerial test engineer can found fictitious drive case: Once measure the actual performance that gets aerial, OK how does the whole vehicle of imitate embarking antenna undertake interacting with the other vehicle in complex environment, pedestrian or infrastructure. V2X technology test can undertake imitate according to different parameter, the road surface that differs for example (road of blacktop, earth, wet slippery road surface, frozen road surface, dry road surface) or district of country, city (the urban district, villages and towns) . Citing will tell, be in Sweden, general requirement antenna must can move on frozen road surface good; In Italian north, must be opposite in the channel in road and hole hole aerial function has a test; Say further, caring about big profit to run good antenna to be in China may be expression another.


MVG thinks, what automobile industry needs is imitate the standardization in real environment checks. Without doubt, have below the limitation that V2X test is getting used to local specific environment but repeatability, so that transmission passageway is OK encode, standardization and individuation: MVG general imitate and measure close 2 satisfied this one requirement faultlessly for the solution of one, drive supportive 5G times automatically the development of the car. Fictitious drive the test represented a major breakthrough, will drive automatically quickly of the car roll out, at the same time limitation checks a risk.


Drive automatically

Lars Foged of MVG chief scientist



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