TDK-Lambda announces to buy Nextys

Recently, TDK-LambdaAnnounce to buyNextys, this is the company of a design and power source of production DIN slideway and fittings.

Through buying, TDK-Lambda hopes to strengthen its the market position in DIN slideway power source.


From left arrive right: Marius Ciorica; of presiding apparitor of Kazuhiko Sekimoto; Nextys of general manager of department of administration of TDK-Lambda of Japan of TDK-Lambda president Adam Rawicz; and Gustav Erl of TDK-Lambda Germany general manager

“ we are very glad to welcome Nextys to join TDK community, adam Rawicz of ”TDK-Lambda EMEA president expresses. The growth rate of market of “DIN slideway power source exceeds a lot of other spheres far, and the status that the professional knowledge of Nextys group will elevate us to regard market of industrial power source as the leader. In addition, our powerful whole world sale channel will increase the chance of Nextys product greatly. “

The 4 occurrence with intelligent factory are enlarging industry the market of power source of slideway of high reliability DIN. In addition, the convenience sex of standard of DIN slideway installation is driving the application of sphere of device of other high end, include medical treatment and semiconductor to make equipment. And of rapid development but market of equipment of second birth energy is promoting further growth.

The product that the DIN orbit power plant of Nextys innovation solution brings into TDK-Lambda of leader of market of industrial power source combines “ in, the foreground that consolidates both sides develops to this business. The group of Nextys prepares to be promotion TDK to make contribution in the existence of DIN slideway domain at any time. “Nextys presiding apparitor holds father Marius Ciorica concurrently to be summed up.



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