Store can system and but combination of second birth the sources of energy will become new pattern of prospective energy business

Nowadays, more and more large store can system and use but the system of second birth the sources of energy combines deploy, no matter be fictitious,power plant, solar energy sends electric field or wind-force sends electric field. And its latent capacity particularly apparent, because solar energy generates electricity,this is systematic price falls ceaselessly, cost is lower and lower. And economic cost is investment store can the solution created more market vacuum. Solar energy generates electricity system and store can the power supply safety that systematic union is world of prospective the sources of energy and stability of electrified wire netting provided important service. It still created cogent financial drive, because large store can the system offerred the opportunity that earns extra income for operation business, cover service of benefit, frequency for example, and the accrual in capacity market.

Solar energy and wind energy become cheaper and cheaper nowadays, and have supersede the climate of fossil fuel. A lot of investigation and study confirmed its rapid development rate, the analyst that includes finance and economics of Peng rich new energy resources among them is made the same score in what offerred in November 2018 influence energy cost definitely (LCOE) update a report. The findings report that every 6 months issue studied carefully but second birth the sources of energy and batteries store can power production cost of the system changes. Findings makes clear, 2018 second half of the year, outside dividing Japan, smooth hot season and wind energy become the sources of energy that cost effectiveness provides most in all main economy system on the world. And the solar energy in China and India generates electricity and wind-force generated electricity to also obtain greater progress. In the world, every year more than 120 billion dollar invests solar energy to generate electricity. Ambitious outspread goal is driving a lot of countries to drive progress. For example, spain already set to 2050 will but the target that changeover of second birth the sources of energy is 100 % .

The price drops to driving the market to develop

Solar energy generates electricity the ascendant trend of gross is being accompanied store can the growth of the market, also price of benefit from benefit from drops. The year that according to Peng Bo finance and economics of new energy resources has is forecasted, to 2040, batteries store can the fall of systematic cost will make investment rise 620 billion dollar, the whole world store can the installed capacity of the market will grow 942GW, chu Nengrong is measured for 2, 857GWh. This report basis goes a few years depreciate the circumstance is forecasted, to 2030, large-scale store can systematic price will fall again 52 % .

To industry firm and investor, this will generate electricity for solar energy field and store can systematic union brings profitable option. A lot of projects of world each district proved the effect of these choices successfully, the existing investment product such as bond of fixed interest rate also is such, these products can conduce to large-scale store can the system gains income.

Large store can system and photograph of power station of smooth hot season are united in wedlock

Power station of smooth hot season

England the batteries of the first municipal project store can the project makes a person pay close attention to, this project is in recently Sa a place of strategic importance overcomes Si Jun deploy on the west. German batteries store the high pressure that can fasten company of all manufacturer Tesvolt to sent electric field to offer installed capacity to be 4.4MW for Westhampnett solar energy store can system, this system delivers the solar energy that is 7.4MW with installed capacity electric field form a complete set to move in order to stabilize electrified wire netting. This project by Xisasaikesi county parliament is run, this county parliament established the commercial pattern that is based on service of electrified wire netting. Say according to the policymaker, this system is England first adoption batteries store the system is built and can not acquire one of systems that fund.

Company of Edison of supplier of Italian electric power still cared about big profit southern part to roll out a 500kw/822kWh recently store can solution. Edison company shows, this project will conduce to lengthen solar energy to generate electricity systematic usability, check other electrified wire netting to serve to whether suit this kind at the same time store can system. Be in likewise this year, chinese batteries and car manufacturer company plan is in Biyadi polish deploy first store can project, deploy batteries of ion of lithium of a 1.26MW/2.52MWh store can system, the solar energy that is 1MW with installed capacity sends operation of electric field form a complete set, use at balancing peak value load, stabilize electrified wire netting.




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