STM8L050 is in low cost 8 bring a foot to enclose inside compositive and rich imitate peripheral and DMA controller, for 8 small controller city

Meaning law semiconductor rolled out STM8L050 of 8 brand-new small controller roll out, in order to promote low cost, low power comsumption 8 small controller (the function of MCU) is compositive degree. Regard the STM8L that exceeds high-energy effect as the newest product of series, STM8L050 encloses a foundation to go up in the SO-8 of low cost, compositive controller of the rich imitate peripheral that amounts to interface of 6 users I/O, DMA and independent data EEPROM.

The kernel of 16 MHz processor of the high-energy effect with powerful STM8 of continue to use, STM8L050 does not lose popular confidence, suffer bounds product to bring sound economy and processing function for resource, for example, ink box of printer of automation of controller of card of industrial sensor, toy, entrance guard, dynamoelectric bicycle, family or illume product, intelligence or charger.

Piece on compositive DMA (direct memory is taken) controller can simplify the data between peripheral equipment and memory or memory and memory is transmitted, improve the processing performance of small controller thereby, reduce power comsumption. The independent EEPROM of 256 byte can store when MCU is shut significant Cheng ordinal number is occupied, it is OK to be returned at the same time utmost ground uses Shan Cunbao to put program code.


STM8L050 is in low cost 8 bring a foot to enclose inside compositive and rich imitate peripheral and DMA controller, for 8 small controller city


Outside dividing two comparator, STM8L050 still has a 4 channels 12 modulus converter (ADC) and belt but process designing alarm clock and the low power comsumption that wake up a function regularly real time clock (RTC) , allow to design personnel utmost ground to reduce amount of exterior imitate component. In addition, STM8L050 still supports the exterior or in-house clock that is as high as 16MHz, let an architect be in function processing and stock detailed account (more agile ground accepts or reject between BOM) cost.

Other function includes 8KB to shine put, 1KB RAM, two 16 timer, 8 timer, and commonly used communication interface and debug interface, include SPI, I2C, UART and SWIM.

The STM8L small controller that exceeds technology of low power comsumption as semiconductor of law of meaning of a continue to use, STM8L050 has the pattern omiting report of 350nA of lowermost power comsumption, and the wide job voltage of 3.6V-1.8V. The rated temperature limits that fastens a product completely is in – inside 40°C-125°C limits, ensure small controller is controlled in industry or the working stability in the slashing application such as illume product is mixed dependability.

STM8L050J3 already was measured now produce, use SO-8 to enclose.

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