Show of Intel small gain is mysterious chip, netizen: 14nm++++ ?

Intel China small gain released the picture of ” of mysterious chip of a piece of “ on January 3, what is letting a netizen guess. The netizen is guessed is 5G chip, returning somebody to guess is 14nm++++ , but the VPU that the netizen that also has major sees it is Movidius2 of club of computation of the 2nd acting nerve actually.

Mysterious chip

Examine small gain original intent to be able to see the character on chip, there is “Movidius2 MA2845 Myriad X” above chip.

It is reported, intel is in after buying Movidius of company of Israel science and technology, released processor of vision of Movidius Myriad 2 (“Myriad X” of generation new product of VPU) . According to introducing, this taste newly undertake be redesigninged basically in the light of computer vision technology, borrow guide by engine of built-in nerve operation brand-new more complex deepness study (DL) ability, be like robot, unmanned aircraft according to saying to be able to allow many terminal unit (condition of Drone) , fictitious fact (VR) device, also can have the vision like the mankind to reach in future ponder over mode.

Soon adjoining AMD 7nm tastes CPU the force with which sth breaks out newly roaring, however Intel releases “22nm”B365 even advocate board, look the likelihood on the CPU market this year should happen to change greatly.


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