Semiconductor and free from worries of professional software company inspect Aimaisi science and technology cooperates, simplify 3D optics passes feeling technology carry out

Through Aimaisi semiconductor sensor solution and free from worries inspect the tight market between algorithm of science and technology to become, electronic product manufacturer can carry out facial ministry smoothly to identify optics waiting for 3D to pass feeling technology

Semiconductor and free from worries of professional software company inspect Aimaisi science and technology cooperates, simplify 3D optics passes feeling technology carry out

China, on January 6, 2019, the supplier of high-powered sensor solution with banner whole world Aimaisi semiconductor (Ams AG, code of stock of Swiss stock exchange: AMS) and artificial intelligence software precede industry free from worries inspects science and technology (Face++ , reachs unanimous opinion with respect to collaboration, will accelerate OEM and system the rate that ministry of face of compositive business deploy identifies optics waiting for 3D to pass feeling technology.

This collaboration is meant, have the aid of can carry out a face ministry of ministry identifying, face pays, dynamic expression is founded and increase / the excellent system of the function such as virtual reality, manufacturer can promote the product quickly to the market. The 3D optics that semiconductor founds with Face++ passes Aimaisi feeling the solution uses map of infra-red smooth measuring projector the surface of actual object (the facial ministry) that is like an user, the operation that changes security and function of identity test and verify considerably. For example, in the mobile phone, 3D optics is passed feeling can realize facial ministry to identify, offer a kind for the user simple and safe PIN code and dactylogram are passed feeling replacement scheme, support equipment to solution is locked up and pay a function.

In new cooperation the relation falls, aimaisi semiconductor and Face++ cooperate each other, with ensuring semiconductor 3D optics passes Aimaisi the operation of feeling system and Face++ technology are optimized each other. Semiconductor and Face++ return Aimaisi to be collaboration product manufacturer to offer harmonious systematic level technology to support on client service.

November 2018, semiconductor announces Aimaisi with Qualcomm Technologies, inc. Cooperate, joint development is based on Aimaisi semiconductor is infra-red illume implement module and the facial department that notify shift application processor high identify a technology.

Executive vice-president of solution of semiconductor optics sensor holds Aimaisi concurrently general manager Ulrich Huewels expresses: “ consumer is fond of buy have user face ministry to identify the product that waits for main function, it is have such opportunity excited unceasingly. Now, through passing our 3D feeling system and Face++ technology correlation, manufacturer can add these popular functions smoothly in their product. Aimaisi semiconductor and Face++ prove to everybody, no matter be consumptive electron, car, medical treatment or industrial electron, 3D is passed feeling the solution already had made the preparation that makes technologies of each market territory mainstream. ”

Wu Wenhao of Face++ senior vice president says: “Face++ software raised user face ministry to identify the function that waits for popular function. With Aimaisi the collaboration of semiconductor increased the appeal of our software further, because borrow this,we can provide the complete hardware that the course optimizes and software system for the client. Avoid to pass the development venture with feeling software and compositive and relevant hardware to save time with 3D, this will make manufacturer benefits a lot. ”

During CES (on January 8, 2019 – 11 days of) , semiconductor and Face ++ are in Aimaisi flatlet of person hotel 29-137 reveals Lasiweijiasiweinisi both sides develops jointly be based on active and stereo, include the software that Bellus3D develops, this is Silicon Valley a company that pursues mobile equipment 3D technically passing feeling and facial ministry scanning. This 3D is passed feeling the solution is based on Qualcomm®Snapdragon™Processor moves, already optimized completely in the light of mobile equipment.

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