Ruzhuoli appears on the 3rd 2019 intelligence to live in Asian peak meeting and high-quality goods are exhibited

Reveal sensor, wireless, safety and cloud solution, design of the person that aid force to look around gives the intelligence of demand of true suit user to live in a product

Global electron yuan parts of an apparatus divides the Ruzhuoli that sell business (Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) will in January the 3rd 21 2019 intelligence that appear to be held in Shanghai to 22 days live in Asian summit meeting and high-quality goods to exhibit. Ruzhuoli is one of sponsors of this grand occasion, will confusing you to experience an area (Mini Expo) is set exhibit.

Peak of intelligent household Asia can be an Asia 2 days of the biggest professional intelligence live in high-level peak to meet, this year with ” science and technology is endowed with can, let intelligence live in more know you ” for the theme, invite more than 20 industries senior expert provides strategic opinion, check study and practice research. At the same time still technology and product are revealed, the link such as panel discussion, discuss all sorts of subjects of concerned intelligence household, include interconnection each other to connect, how do perception and deepness study become intelligent household to detonate a dot, and household safety and the optimal program that data privacy protects, still intelligence is built / the shirt-sleeve development of intelligent village and wisdom city.

Manager of wireless technology product Ms. Hong Lan expresses Ruzhuoli: “ Ruzhuoli is honoured to be invited to attend this intelligence to live in Mini Expo very much, rutronik Smart goes out to suit the electronic parts that Smart Home applies most choicely from the supplier, covered wireless technology, sensor, power source management, reach the newest product in adding secret technology. We expect the communication with everybody and collaboration. ”

This grand occasion gathered together to arrive from upriver policymaker the industry elite of downstream manufacturer, offer business affairs of a high end to communicate platform, make include the key such as platform of smartphone, Internet, software, communication and sensor yuan management of parts of an apparatus, specific power consumption, how to prevent, multimedia, health nurses the industry elite that waits for an industry can disentomb the potential business chance in intelligent household industry. Ruzhuoli confuses you to experience the area is set in what the peak meets exhibit, show all sorts of products that fit afore-mentioned industries, the key reveals sensor, wireless, safety and cloud solution, the design of the person that look around that aims to aid force to come from each industries gives the intelligence of demand of true suit user to live in a product, implementation is oriented whole house intelligence with the user.

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