Run of market of EDA, IP received 2.44 billion dollar 2018, 5G, AI, IoT is crucial

According to data of ESD Alliance MSS the report shows, 2018 whole world of the 3rd quarterEDAAndIPIndustrial income grows 6.7 % , reach 2.44 billion dollar, this and the photograph of 2.28 billion dollar of the corresponding period was compared 2017. This one growth is main the investment of profit from AI and company of 5G newly established increases, and newly established company and existing company are mixed in the light of car electrification drive automatically the investment of car domain.


Although be mixed as the maturity of these new markets integrated, the capital of newly established enterprise is final will extinct, but they need to design a tool to make complex semiconductor and electronic product. Although be reduced because of what the change of accounting system causes IP amount, but this still drove EDA and IP grow continuously. In addition, because these markets have enough fund inside global limits, they boycotted the frenzied wave motion of the stock market on certain level, also can resist Sino-US between the influence that the trade war place that having brings.


“Mentor Graphics company, a Siemens Business, president holds respecting of presiding apparitor Wally Rhines concurrently: Enterprise of “ newly established acquired mint investment, inside global limits, the level of capital level and Internet bubble period considers or taller, among them major fund comes from China. The poineering company that has kind of a lot of Fabless needs to design tool and IP. ”


However, what differ with Internet bubble times is, this kind of activity is not for the most part be based on the growth with onefold any market. What correspond along computation and 5G as Xiang Bian is new advance, major power comes from server and car respect. In the market with these sufficient financing, demand by new personality (poineering company and systematic company) drive with mature semiconductor company. Although global economy is putting delay, but major design activity will still continue, because become when global economic stability, the company ability that has competition ability product only occupies position.


 The income of “ semiconductor gets greatly of memory drive, but the origin that this is not activity of a lot of EDA. ”Rhines respecting. Drive automatically to have stable effect with high in the clouds, also include company of artificial intelligence newly established, content couplet net, 5G, analyse tool and IP. ”



Graph 1: ? Bed lotus root steals She   to be worth data sources of neon bastinado? : ESD Alliance MSS


ESD Alliance MSSIn each industries that track, computer assists a project (with English) 5.6% grow to reach 756.6 million dollar in the 3rd quarter, with photograph of the 3rd quarter was compared 2017 rose design of physics of 5.6 % .IC grew 3.9 % , reach 475.8 million dollar.


The accrual of global PCB and MCM continues to grow in the 3rd quarter, but from the fourth quarter average trend line looks, its growth momentum is more remarkable. In America, PCB and MCM income grew 20.2 % , reach 83.6 million dollar, and grow 10.4 % to come in Asia-Pacific area 42.7 million dollar. Rhines states PCB principle pursues, physics of PCB / MCM is designed and advanced enclosed growth momentum particularly driving.


With photograph of the 3rd quarter was compared 2017, service revenue of the 3rd quarter grew 11.3 % to come 2018 119.1 million dollar, number of obtain employment of EDA / IP rises 8 % to 42, 162 people, and was 2017 39, 044 people.


Differentiate by the area, america area income grew 7.4 % to come 1.059 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area income grew 7 % to come 782.9 million dollar. Japanese income grows 4.1 % to come 242 million dollar, europe, middle east and Africa, grow 5.5 % to come 350.8 million dollar.



Graph 2: ? Data sources of? of ざ growing permanent teeth: ESD Alliance MSS




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