Qorvo? The network of extensive content couplet that uses core RF technology will be shown in CES solution

QORVO will show the solution that gets used to prospective development, cover what live in car couplet net from intelligence all sorts of application

The United States pulls Siweijiasi CES 2019 is exhibited–On January 8, 2019–The Na Sida of banner supplier Qorvo®(of the solution overcomes the RF in infrastructure and shift application, aerospace application code: QRVO) will be exhibited in CES 2019 all sorts of RF products are shown on the meeting, the join sex that these products can solve net of couplet of intelligent household, car and unmanned aircraft to wait for content couplet net to use a field and dependability are challenged. The time of batteries add boat that the solution of Qorvo can provide train in excess specified length, efficient power source manages, sunday run, reliable interference rejection sex, dependability and cost efficiency, the help answers equipment of content couplet network to design the unique challenge that encounters in the process. During the CES (#CES2019) that relevant product will reach 11 days on January 8, 40943 Qorvo that can exhibit a center in Lasiweijiasijinsha are exhibited on showpiece.

The product of Qorvo covers application of all sorts of content couplet net, many more compatible agreement, support region of stone’s throw, bureau and network of vast region couplet. These products aim to satisfy allow now with communication mark of future, supportive blue tooth and BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, LTE and beehive / NB-IoT. For example:

Ÿ lives in a domain in intelligence–The much agreement chip of Qorvo can realize domestic monitoring, can; of illume of effect, intelligence and application of old people lifestyle

Ÿ is in domain of car couplet net–The beehive V2X module of Qorvo can match with the C-V2X chip group that tells high use, implementation tall degree of linearity, efficient, high reliability and high temperature leave the job, make the car couplet net that is worth reliance experience;

Ÿ is in unmanned aircraft domain–Solution of Qorvo of have the aid of, the unmanned function that obtains special honour repeatedly is enough reliable link maintains with the user inside farther distance, and have time of longer batteries add boat.

Qorvo infrastructure and James Klein of president of national defence product express: “Qorvo offers an advanced technique, settle challenge of their most intractable content couplet net with client collaboration. We are in of CES exhibit will exhibit product of much money Qorvo, they represented us to be opposite the acceptance of innovation and content couplet net. ”

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