Package class innovates: Realize the optical network of 5G times and photon network

Package class innovates: Realize the optical network of 5G times and photon network

MACOM and Verizon are speaking

Appearing everyday as ceaseless development of the technology, new innovation solution, people is paying close attention to next development direction. To MACOM and Verizon, next crucial one step is 5G communication network enable and deploy. Believe operation businessman as one home appliance, verizon longs to provide faster, more reliable connection service for its client, and MACOM has distinct advantage, can apply its implementation of support of research and development of product of science and technology is brand-new the component of 5G network.

Recently, senior vice president holds department of MACOM light-wave business concurrently general manager Vivek Rajgarhia has Glenn Wellbrock of opportunity and chief inspector of design of network of Verizon main force to discuss recent product and technical innovation together. This is interesting dialog, the development that content covered MACOM and evolve, again the development direction of industry of refer future telecommunication, more important is these development be how one arteries and veins is linked together interact.

Rajgarhia began a dialogue from the history of MACOM, how dilatancy MACOM company holds water before 70 years and march industry of radio frequency microwave, to nowadays light of key research and development is mixed photon technology, involved content is very rich, the key explained how technical product combination expands include silicon photon (germanium of SiPh) , silicon (the technology such as SiGe) . With allow when to await photograph comparing before, MACOM is more qualified become radio frequency to arrive the outstanding supplier of smooth domain.

Be in as 5G development trend of the whole world, enterprise and consumer are interested in the best development of 5G network, and take seriously very whether undertake deploy with bigger, more reliable dimensions, satisfy the data requirement of constant growth thereby. Wellbrock and Rajgarhia are telegraphic in video of the development of the industry and 5G component evolved to discuss current technology how to form dimensions further bigger, more the network of interconnection, and the challenge that when developing these technologies, faces how the technology is related conduce in extensive network framework use, bring faster, more reliable join for the user. Wellbrock spoke of the development of laser technology, and how to develop the speed that is 100G to satisfy capacity requirement very quickly from 10G laser, and develop very quickly from 100G be 400G will be best change. Current, the major infrastructure of 5G network has reached the designated position, and the challenge depends on how optimizing trunk net.

As wisdom city and concept of content couplet network roll out, people is faced with raise the output challenge with satisfying requirement, at the same time bear is worn the job that creates credible package to be challenged in order to answer whole town interconnection. (Wisdom city: Use data to collect inductor to offer place to want information, manage urban capital fund and resource better. Content couplet net: The article in will daily life and can send / the join of computer equipment photograph that receives data. ) the product that MACOM devotes oneself to to develop OK and mutual union to use, aim to make the system of close together confluence. For example, fixed position of silicon photon product is face fiber-optic interrelating the quickest solution, can offer every bit cost of lowest for 100G and 400G. Accordingly, to changing breakdown part is difficult and the network with high cost is out-of-the-way the area, it is the crucial solution of the challenge that in solving deploy process, encounters.

As ceaseless development of the technology, to satisfy the technical requirement to higher rate, development gives economy efficient and the innovation component of close together confluence is imperative, so that be new generation,join provides support. Wellbrock and Rajgarhia are exploring these exciting development, and hand in hand the talent joint efforts of a few best show inside course of study, the total latent capacity that believes 5G will be able to come true very quickly.

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