Our country realizes 4K successfully to exceed network of high-definition TV 5G to transmit a test first

The CCTV that has gone 36 years spring late, will this year on Feburary 4 the New Year’s Eve as agreed upon and to. With in former years one very big differs is, this year spring the 4K freeboard clear content of late Shenzhen assembly room will be transmitted through 5G network to Beijing. This also is our country transmits 4K content first through 5G network.

Center extensive network

13 days of evening, shift of China of combination of total station of central broadcasting television, China TV of 5G network 4K was begun successfully to transmit a test in Guangdong Shenzhen for the company. This is meant this year spring the picture of late Shenzhen assembly room will with clearer steadier pattern is transmitted to the innumberable families.

Shen Haixiong of director of total stage of undersecretary of China Communist News Ministry, central broadcasting television expresses, 5G already from standard of a kind of technology, change is the revolutionary driving force that changes economic run mode, use 5G technology open up platform of new media of first state level, will drive implementation of broadcasting television media to span type develops.


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