Net of couplet of car, enterprise, content and mobile industry will be future fixed position serves main client

Strategy of Strategy Analytics wireless media serves (WMS) issuance newest research reports ” net of couplet of car, enterprise, content and mobile sex industry drive futureFixed position servesGrowth ” point out, mix as net of couplet of automobile industry, enterprise, content mobile sex serves a provider more and more the value that realizes fixed position, future locates the demand growth of the service will come from these industries. In addition, the global location firm in Strategy Analytics (include Gu Ge, HERE, Mapbox and TomTom) year checks to mark in, gu Ge and HERE showed leader force and very strong actual strength in most respect, and Mapbox and TomTom are in a few otherer the domain showed an advantage.


Gu Ge


Famous with exemple and the prospective demand that show helpful example to will promote fixed position and fixed position service. Nitesh Patel of Strategy Analytics chief inspector points out, the fixed position of “ main field serves demand to grow continuously. Have every year inside the car sales volume of buy navigation will increase, and increasing enterprise uses fixed position service many fields, include asset to dog, motorcade manages and back commercial information. In addition, consumer presses the growth that needs to served demand to drive mobile sex to serve to what use easily, and mobile sex service serves with fixed position for the foundation. ”


The research of Strategy Analytics still evaluated the advantage of song of cereal of global location company, HERE, Mapbox and TomTom and inferior position, include cartography faculty, in the advantage in automobile industry, the map is visible, to developing the appeal of personnel and open sex and flexibility. Gu Ge and HERE are in lead position in cartography respect, gu Ge is searched in this locality and also be in lead position to developing personnel appeal field. HERE wishs in car domain and industry development scene respect is in lead position, also gained very great success in other sphere. Mapbox shows itself in visible respect and develop the favour of personnel, and TomTom is in many fields are very powerful.


David Kerr of Strategy Analytics senior vice president expresses, the competition between “ location firm is very intense, and be being offerred most, high quality, newest the competition with aspect of mathematical real time map will at growing in intensity, this is by drive automatically, the growth of join facility amount, company grows ceaselessly to the demand of fixed position information and drive. The demand that serves to fixed position as the enterprise develops ceaselessly, can show the ability that satisfies all sorts of perpendicular company requirement, keep open at the same time, succeed the most likely with the company with development friendly staff neatly. ”



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