Molex is revealed through platform of buildup car aether network driving automatically the actual strength on car design

L safety and safeguard function are integrated equipment attestation, multilayer safety is ensured

Function of network of redundant, high effectiveness for a given period of time and AUTOSAR equipment support L much area

L is diagnosed for margin calculation and network compositive AWS

L can join the solution of system of advanced information entertainment that consume kind of equipment and charges quickly

(Singapore–On January 9, 2019) the platform of network of aether of 10 Gbps car that Molex announces its bear the palm rolls out next generation version, driving automatically can offer for OEM in the design development process of the car support energetically. This solution can offer a complete car join ecosystem, mix in a variety of hardware, software interrelate implementation does not have seamed much area between wiring system compositive, the car agreement of OK and agile integrated tradition, offer to upgrade those who come but expansibility.

Molex business grows chief inspector Dave Atkinson to express: “ begins close cooperation through the OEM client with us, we will be right the demand of the car platform of safe, safeguard, reliable, interconnection, change into the high-powered computation network on the wheel. In discharge of signal integrality, network first step divides, system but after the functional conformity of expansibility and security and so on arrives one case, we had ensured the solution of oneself is OK and good the requirement that satisfies pair of taller cars to carry processing capability, still can assist car manufacturer redefine to drive automatically meanwhile the gain that car technology can realize. ”

Molex is in what system of entertainment of ADAS, information reachs join to go up to enhance a function

Molex develops in-house innovation energetically, and as top-ranking as automobile industry technology serves the provider with the solution cooperate, include dust the network serves Sen Zhe, Allgo, Yamaxun (AWS) , Aquantia, blackberry (QNX and Certicom) , rich is connected, apparatus of CVS, Microchip, heart state mixes Cypress, Excelfore, Laird Luo Sen uncle, have ceaseless club with its and begin new cooperation, devote oneself to to be thrown energetically continuously interrelate among mobile ecosystem.

Safety and safeguard

The multilayer and safe method of Molex includes function of buildup Hypervisor government program, can make platform runs many fictitious machine and application at the same time, bring taller flexibility for car manufacturer, early childhood to be mixed closely for the function is added formidably at the same time attestation technology, increase the hierarchy of the network and security. After the function includes new much area, stoppage, the buildup on security conserves and redundant function.

Solution of join of information entertainment system

Line of Molex USB collect implement with media module support has line and wireless equipment to join to car demand. Molex media module offers the power source that can expand to transmit a solution, in order to cooperate increasingly all-pervading USB-C interface. This advanced design achieves string of cascade USB collect through USB and aether net implement, arrive in order to optimize from car forehead hind connective many equipment.

High speed network joins

Solution design can raise the net of aether of HSAutoGig high speed of Molex of car drive automatically ability, offer the top-ranking data rate that exceeds 20 Gbps, used without seam the height with necessary place of platform of system of sensor of the intelligence since join and aether network reliable interface. High speed HFMäDesign of solution of FAKRA Mini coaxial cable can achieve the rate of 20 GHz, to drive automatically the car is mixed interrelate car technology provides support.

Molex ginseng exhibits CES

In the core respect of join ability, molex reveals next generation cars of bear the palm to use platform of network of much area aether on the CES 2019. Exhibit this meeting on January 8-11 day is in conference center holds Las Vegas, at the appointed time Molex will be in south the MP25171 date of 2 exhibition halls is exhibited undertake revealing.

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