Molex finishs pair of Laird to interrelate of car solution business buy

It is second investment extended Molex to be next generation aggrandizement of intelligent car manufacturer interrelates the actual strength of mobile solution

(Singapore–On December 28, 2018) Molex Electronic Technologies, LLC announces didymous Laird today limited company (interrelate below Laird) banner car solution (of “CVS”) branch buy. The fund place hold that Laird invests company management by An Hongguo border.

Molex buys the agreement of CVS at announcing to reach on September 28, 2018. CVS major is engaged in equipment of car antenna system, intelligence compositive with car the design of join equipment, development and consign work.

Joe Nelligan of Molex presiding apparitor expresses: Act of this one strategy can be “ we go up in the solution wish scene provide support, our actual strength is extended on the car market of change quickly. In the process that sets in the product of car line of business that through Laird CVS extends Molex, we will establish the value with greater consign of next generation intelligence car, banner OEM of car line of business for those compose. We expect move and new work in the same placing’s more close cooperation, the welcome begins professional work since they and Mo Shiyi. ”

In automobile industry, to spanning the end of hardware, software and service is opposite the network of end is not had seam communication and compositive, put in the demand with huge move. Buy through this, molex is OK the dilate with strategical proceed, will serve to interrelate adroitly at development on the foundation of existing ability the client of car technology, these technologies are compositive of platform of network of 10Gbps car aether and other interrelate mobile solution.

Buy to this, steven Brown of president of branch of CVS of Lai Er heart expresses to say: “ regards a business on the market that grow quickly and filled vigor as the branch, we are very glad to can join Molex, the firm with this powerful actual strength had global dimensions and global resource, can ceaseless innovation and investment, in interrelate the tremendous potential that car domain play gives CVS. As the one member of Molex, we devote oneself to a help to drive an industry to develop ahead, move toward a road to drive by intelligent car and nobody the future of car place dictate. ”

CVS of Lai Er heart is the partner that the OEM of car line of business that the whole world precedes each trusts, introduced the solution of the world’s top-ranking expert experience and custom-built design, its design can simplify the join function of car realizes transition. CVS of Lai Er heart supplies the solution of whole set, dog from the asset of single function aerial is outspread all the time to the antenna of intelligence of much frequency band with complex height, OK and compositive receiver of a beehive, Wi-Fi and blue tooth modem, GPS and car carry a network. All these functions are OK farther compositive arrive among the M2M equipment that added control electron component and firmware.

In trading this, the United States is numerous the counsel that amounts to attorney office to hold the position of Molex, ai Fu takes an examination of Er to regard its as financial adviser. Bringing grand side, weil Gotschal holds the position of its counsel, gaocheng and beautiful banner bank regard his as financial adviser. The financing condition that trades this had be notted announce.

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