Mobile Industrial Robots announces to spread out the strategy to cooperate with Fojiya, aid its to optimize global interior content to flow

Ou Dengsai / Shanghai, on January 16, 2019: The Ji Ya of Buddha of car technology company that the forerunner Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) of industry of own and mobile robot announces to precede with the whole world (Faurecia) spreads out global strategy to cooperate, for Fojiya deploy of global production factory moves independently robot, aid its promote the automation standard of whole industry brand-new height.

Come for years, fojiya is studying all the time and the automation interior with disparate test carries a solution, in order to optimize productivity and in-house work flow, promote competition the advantage then. Concern through building a partner with MiR, fojiya will be able to plan afresh the internal matter of global production base flows, but the own and mobile robot with agile have the aid of raises content to shed flow efficiency.

Buddha Ji Yalu moves department of career of wisdom travel system supply catenary and Eric Moreau of digitlization company vice president to express: “ we establish strategic partner relationship with MiR, because they have sufficient technical capacity and thorough professional knowledge,be, can assist we are cut and optimize content to shed operation. The technology of MiR got be admissived extensively, a lot of large companies that cross a state raise content to shed efficiency in the robot that uses them. Although come from whole,say, the automation level of our enterprise is higher, but stock is carried is one big challenge from beginning to end. We think to carry a respect to carry out automation to be put in tremendous potential in stock. We often need to adjust the establishment position of the factory to produce demand in order to satisfy numerous small lot. This kind adjusts the internal matter with need agile height to shed a system to provide corresponding support. And the requirement that MiR as it happens can satisfy us, robot of MiR own shift can replace in-house map and navigation system easily, do not need any guidance. ”

MiR offers a series of as can own as what the mankind works in coordination mobile robots, put the mankind from the solution in physical labor, go executing the mission of richer value. MiR mobile robot is not ordinary person sex to change, operate need not process designing experience. Operator can pass robot interface and robot easily alternant, this interface can be linked together with computer of smartphone, flat or personal computer, operator needs to press pushbutton to be able to make the robot begins to execute the mission only. In addition operation of MiR mobile robot is simple, can simplify not only deploy, still can reduce total cost.

The client also can be the coping module with MiR custom-built and different robot according to oneself demand. The versatility of MiR mobile robot is another accounts that Fojiya chooses to cooperate with MiR. Eric Moreau complements: “MiR mobile robot can transport goods not only, and can be united in wedlock assemble and unassemble wait for other carriage circuit, improve the overall efficiency of whole product line. These mobile cooperation robots are very agile, at present we had defined a few kinds of different application kind, will in order to use MiR mobile robot carry out product line inside and between manufacturing workshop and storehouse drab freightage task, improve manufacturing efficiency thereby. ”

Content sheds a robot to rising abruptly

New cooperation optimize the Fojiya that help strength multinomial operation flow, in addition, according to international robot alliance (the newest data of IFR) shows, fojiya is not exclusive a company that sees internal matter sheds automation latent capacity. The professional utility of place work off served machine philtrum to have 63% 2017 is content shedding robot, and forecast according to IFR, came 2018 between 2021, content sheds the sales volume of the robot to will increase to 600 thousand or so.

Thomas Visti of MiR presiding apparitor expresses: “ we are very glad to can cooperate into this with Fojiyada, through the synergic type with agile, safe deploy mobile robot helps Fojiyashi show goal of production. Overall and character, the photograph is otherer industry, the speed of technology of automobile industry use automation more lead, we saw the tremendous potential of automobile industry. At the same time current plant is installed often agile and changeful, personnel, equipment, tray and other fraise may appear in at any time once open passageway area. Our mobile robot fits the environment of this kind of constant change particularly. Have the aid of the synergic sex of our robot and own navigation ability, automation stock is carried become agile not only and adjust easily, and the situation that won’t produce premium or occurrence work flow to interrupt. ”

MiR has global cent to sell network and numerous place agency, support can be offerred for Fojiyadi inside global limits.

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