MiR appoints Chinese area to sell vice-president to promote Chinese business to break up time

Shanghai–On January 8, 2019–Develop one of robot manufacturer with the rapiddest rate as Denmark, mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) of leader of market of global shift robot announces to appoint Emil Hauch Jensen to market vice president for Chinese area. The carry out of Emil is new duty basically is to be MiR to strive for large project, ensure carry out smoothly of the project, the partner that helps MiR China wins more new business.

MiR appoints Chinese area to sell vice-president to promote Chinese business to break up time

MiR China area sells vice-president Emil Hauch Jensen

Thomas Visti of MiR presiding apparitor expresses: What “ goes is stirring 2018, miR opened agency of the first China in Shanghai. A new year, emil responsibility is major, he will be in charge of guiding us to sell a group to realize Chinese business to break up time target. China is the main strategy market of MiR, occupy in global sale at present than 15% . MiR has tremendous market potential and demand in a lot of clients of China that cross a state, we predict the sale of Chinese market will increase considerably. We are very glad to can Emil joins MiR China area to sell a group, carry a big banner that extends Chinese market. ”

Emil Hauch Jensen works in China all the time since 2006, ever held the position of the general manager position of enterprise of overmuch home Europe, its rich market and administrative experience promote the help the development of MiR China business.

Emil Hauch Jensen expresses: The can of industrial robot market of “ China says the scale on the world is the largest and development rate is the rapiddest. The client of our China all is had in implementation intelligence production respect rigorous and ambitious plan. Especially the cooperation in product of robot of shift of new to us generation and own robot show the client of car and electronic industry strong interest, these robots are had use agile, deploy quick and invest redound to wait for a characteristic quickly. The safe character of the robot and the ability that work in coordination with the mankind knocked interior of such as hospital the new market gate such as content shedding. In hospital interior content flows in, what our robot can ensure medicines and chemical reagents and hematic sample are carried is fast, accurate with on the safe side, the thing that can reply other key sheds a challenge. ”

MiR garrisoned China 2017. Move independently except the MiR200 that rolls out before and MiR100 series robot, miR still rolled out MiR500 cooperation type to move independently in Chinese market last year robot. In content shedding, storage, make, on the in-house carriage automation of industry of Medical Protection etc, average per capita of MiR mobile machine is producing very precious effect.

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